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is more and more huge army of Amoy, do not know the reason, many people especially our webmaster income is also very difficult to maintain. Before looking at the billboard that week is fifty thousand or sixty thousand. Graduated from the college entrance examination scores are not ideal because without a university I feel to find a way out, he was not demanding. Two thousand or three thousand a month has been met.

just do the Tao is 09 years in July, now she also almost a year, the site has signs of development. But he did not learn the relevant professional, can only proceed from the Forum blog, that even if the blog forum are doing well, so it is more difficult to operate the station. Perhaps the Forum promotion effect is faster, the first time the income is in eighth days. Oh, then come to a 0.36 yuan. Although small, but excited Na, in later slowly, income also began thousands. When the highest to three thousand, but the good times don’t last long. The abuse of Taobao customers, some forum moderators have noticed. The post has been deleted, and then the group often say that there are people looking for part-time, that will be as long as the Internet can Wangzhuan like temptation language. The essence is a liar, many of these users have to understand, this also leads to the high vigilance of Internet users. As long as it is often go to the forum will know that you are in advertising.

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can send soft Wen ah, can be. But it also depends on what is the nature of the soft, I see two kinds, such as weight loss, some people talk about weight loss experience, and then recommend a product. This is a lot of people see, because the ultimate goal is to sell products. Another is more advanced, talk about their experience at the same time deliberately lose weight not to mention slimming products, said that in order to avoid advertising, so that everyone will read with curiosity to ask the landlord, this effect is good. But you can’t stop the refresh, then look for someone to ask, so some passive.

advertisers notice, "network" CPA advertising today to stop promotion. Ask members to change the code in time so as not to affect your earnings. Thank You for Your Cooperation!

Some people say that

now many forums are flying over the Taobao customer link, advertisers to see people more than. Of course, this is not to say that the forum has not, I believe that someone will not only in the form of this website to make money. If it is a good point with website promotion forum, we often write some shopping experience, commodity identification, prevention techniques and so on, after posted on the web, if it is to use the forum to promote the single product, it should be a little harder, to let the user feel that you are really helping them. So they most willing to pocket money from.

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