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consumption upgrade, I think more attention should be paid to consumer groups and consumer behavior habits, rather than the level of consumption itself.

in this article today, I’ll start with some additions to the five small air outlets, and then I’ll talk about some of the logic of the prediction.

of course, I myself also summed up, these five small air outlet is how to come, whether it is possible to predict before the emergence of, or, if there are sixth small air outlet, where will appear

yes, advertising network CEO Zhu Hailong

1 you can give value management to startups. welcome to contact me

here is an interesting example is when Muji born in Japan, the brand itself means "good products" brand logo in Japanese, is the product in the packaging design and brand image are not prominent or exposed, so people can not afford to take it as the pursuit of cost-effective choice like wear uniforms.

Xia Zhengyu, director of Institute of media science, Communication University of China,

, Sina executive vice president Chen Tong

in March 1997, IBM and Intel jointly launched the ChinaByte in a Banner ad, a China Internet advertising precedent, since ten years ago. In the past ten years, the change and development of China Internet and Internet advertising is striking: the number of China Internet users from 620 thousand to 137 million, ranked second in the world; the scale of Chinese network marketing from zero to 6 billion 500 million yuan.

Moderator: World Internet Technology Group Chairman and CEO, deputy director of Network Marketing Committee Zhang Xiangning

. Senior vice president Wang

but recently, more people have met me and asked me the question:

3 you can mention the company’s founder’s contacts in the article… why didn’t I think of it

also has a lot of good advice for me, including:

theme forum guest speakers list:

based on this, I even think, "thrift, love, save money" really is the Chinese nation’s unique label? Perhaps just consumer behavior in the economic conditions, there is a certain lag. Because every generation has grown up in a tough environment, it’s full of insecurity

some time ago I saw a Japanese consumer groups to write articles in the United States, found that because the Japanese economy over the years of the depression, the Japanese young people have become big savers, and in pursuit of the highest price for glory.

April 11th, China network advertisement sponsored by the Internet Society of China "forum" will be held in Chongqing forum, hosted by Network Marketing Committee Chinese Internet Association Co organized by ChinaByte. Then, China Internet association, Chinese Advertising Association is responsible for many well-known enterprises and marketing executives, 4A advertising company executives, network executives, industry experts and scholars, and many mainstream media, will gather in the mountain city of Chongqing, review the history and look forward to the future, gongxiangshengju.

hi tea, tea, tea Naixue 1 bit

MSN China Business Director Chen Xiao

in the "convenience like tea, bee, mini KTV, 1000 chat, | werewolf 17 years five small air" in this article, it is said that some of the company’s valuation has doubled, the founder of WeChat, some companies is being added to the explosion, some investors who flew to Shenzhen KTV, charging treasure and other projects in Shenzhen

2 you should divide the five air vents into five sections. next time I learn a lesson

new company president, vice chairman of the working committee of the marketing network of Li Zhigao

online advertising, as the main means of Internet marketing, brings new thinking to Chinese advertising industry. With the rapid growth of 50%, Internet advertising will bring the Internet advertising industry and wider space of imagination, but also will bring many challenges — the existing network advertising model needs to be improved, how effective innovation? The Internet advertising resources rich and flexible, how to optimize the integration, so that the maximum effectiveness of the communication means of Internet Marketing? How to accurately evaluate the effect of various Internet technology? Is the media, new technology emerge in an endless stream, Internet advertising will face major changes in what? In the era of network marketing change rapidly, how to restructure the enterprise, marketing strategy development of new

Sun Yingcai, Deputy Secretary General of the China Advertising Association,

Huang Chengqing, Secretary General of the China Internet association,

as a medium, the Internet has become a mainstream force. As a marketing tool, the Internet, with its interactive, low-cost, accurate and other characteristics, has become the protagonist of marketing, to China’s enterprises to provide a new and effective marketing tool.


but, in turn, due to the difference in economic development, the development of a unique brand road in China is a very interesting place.

"apart from the five you wrote, did you have any new vents recently?"

this problem is really sad, after all, the wind does not like a beard, every day can grow out of point. Last year’s air outlet is the live broadcast and bicycle, just in March this year will be able to come out five small tuyere, I think it has been great.

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