Some methods of online shop publicityBook Hui who will trader 2012 Taobao search rules

F, put your Taobao store address always in the fast reply first, when the customer needs, a second to her, let the customer feel you are professional, very good, no first feeling is very important.

immediately set up the notice of recruitment in your announcement. Recruitment agent – these words are a very good advertising strategy, in shlf1314 and sh419, Taobao and other search, so that your store has the advantage of ranking first, increase the amount of browsing does not actually recruit. If someone comes to call, he said: you have the city agent.

First we all need to consider the how do you feel?

Hui answer: have transaction records, a good evaluation of the dynamic score +>

, A,

baby algorithm design problems:

in order to let the search results display the baby, according to buyers search intention, and then introduced the correlation design. This includes the Category attribute, confidence, text relevance title, attribute, SKU etc.. Detailed answers about related problems, please refer to "Book Hui: correlation analysis of Taobao search video"

A, shop mark to choose

, B,

so we gradually analysis, from the technical level, how to realize the maximization of the interests of the three party.

today is the systematic in-depth analysis, Taobao search of the past, present and future!

compared to the popular baby baby all sort, sort algorithm design, from the maximum extent to ensure the fairness of the business. Therefore, all the baby ranking rules, basically can be transparent to the user.

the first Taobao search results are sorted according to the remaining time, this will lead to a lot of time, the search results do not meet buyers search intention. Since the search results are not buyers want, there is no deal, but also contrary to the degree of customer experience.

is very long, not ready, please don’t start reading, and reading Yimushixing, misunderstand the book hui.

two, Taobao rules to maximize the protection of the fairness of

, D,

? The

E, must set up special baby zone.

No matter how many Taobao


if you miss 8 years ago the site SEO industry, so you will continue to miss this golden opportunity for Taobao SEO,

as much as possible to link and collection of friendship, has been collected and many links, will increase your baby in the customer search in the top position. Have the cheek to ask the diamond diamond seller to link you. The advertising effect will be better. Don’t link people whose reputation is not as good as yours.

D, choose cheap baby, special baby do window booth, baby.


most quickly find the most wanted baby. So buyers want a baby with what features of

insider, guiding all the baby ranking rules, is certainly worth

after a lapse of 1 years, Taobao officially announced: last 2011, Taobao search traffic than in 2010 increased by 50%, while the only flat flow category. That is to say, more and more buyers need to use Taobao search, Taobao search more and more sellers.

take advantage of your personal space. It’s a good place for advertising.

Taobao search rankings, generally refers to the baby for Taobao search results ranking. The default search results ranking baby has two kinds: all the baby and popularity. the abstract from Taobao Shuhui department based tutorial section seventh part

advocacy strategy:


C, the classification of the store category, the large directory with category icon display, subdirectory of text. Category pictures should be bright, harmonious, consistent in size and style.

, C,


, a Taobao search related problems

1, the interests of buyers:

is free, he asks himself to write 20 articles every day, and 30 replies. Your post will be in your window, and baby will follow the show. Those who repling is your potential customers. You don’t have to write it yourself. You can just paste whatever you like on the internet. About 200 words is appropriate.

saw the data, keen

in February 2011, I wrote a Book: "Hui do not know one" ranking optimization will be overwhelming, reproduced on the internet.

mentioned here refers to the fair, to maximize the comprehensive benefits of buyers and sellers, Taobao three party.

B, the announcement mainly reflected recent storm, special offer discount price, promotion, freight information, need not garish, as long as a few seconds to locate the bindings, customers stay or leave.


, E, baby name must make full use of 30 words. Don’t show any strange symbols, otherwise it will affect the customer search.


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