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at present, mainly in the form of "targeted advertising network advertising" has been covered, xinhuanet, 4000 websites, with the click of a minimum of 0.2 yuan of "pay for performance", attracted advertisers and consumers’ interest.


in fact, since Facebook became popular, who will become the "Chinese version of Facebook" has not been conclusive. To a great extent, this stems from the existence of the Tencent". As a master of Web2.0, Facebook has been seen as a model for Silicon Valley start-ups: self starting, model innovation, big challenge, and rapid growth. And the key to the American dream is that the miracle of this start-up company is on the stage. Well known Internet observer Xie Wen said, so far, the Internet represents the world’s three mainstream model companies – YAHOO, shlf1314 and Facebook, the birth of the interval between the three are 8 years. That is to say, in the past 20 years, every 8 years, the United States will be born a global Internet giant.

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Tencent co-founder, well-known angel investor Ceng Liqing of "entrepreneur", when decided to invest on an entrepreneur, to remind each other, "we must like the devil in the village, low-key!" whether investors or entrepreneurs almost to talk about the mere mention of the point of Tencent.


put ads in the network oriented, search engine advertising volume also increased significantly, the main source of income for the "PPC", in order to get good position on the page in the users query, attract the target user’s attention. With a large number of people joining the ranks of bloggers, personal blogs, which have larger views and are paid close attention to by particular Internet users, have become the new carrier of online advertising. In addition, from the newspaper classified ads "copy" to the Internet classified ads, it has become a new form of online advertising targeted.

in June 27, xinhuanet Beijing reporter Feng Xiaofang forced advertising advertising spam, pop-up ads, advertising and other plug-ins make users feeling is gradually fading out of the Internet, to be replaced by the search engine advertising, advertising, advertising, classification blog advertising as the representative of the targeted advertising.


, following YAHOO and shlf1314, Facebook has become the third phenomenal Corporation in the United States global". No matter how the price of the stock, its $16 billion financing scale, the market value of hundreds of billions of dollars, you can use "unprecedented" to describe.

China does not lack giants, but it lacks the challenge of giants. As we all know, BAT is an abbreviation for the word "Internet" in the past 10 years: "B" means "sh419", "A" means "Alibaba", "T" means "Tencent". In search, sh419 in the market share of nearly 80% leading Alibaba; the Department is fully deserve China e-commerce "brother". But Tencent is a difficult company to describe. From the revenue perspective, the net swims is its main business; from the user scale, most users from instant messaging and the extension of the product; from a business layout, mobile Internet will be the next strategic focus.

industry insiders, the current Internet targeted advertising advertising and network news, such as the car, next to the reported articles, there are car sales information; also achieved the same geographic location, about a travel article, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to see the netizens respectively their geographic area of travel agency advertising.

obviously, either from imitation style or copycat means, all kinds of behavior of Tencent has been the domestic entrepreneurs despised. But a basic question never gets the exact answer: >

The biggest difference between the

Tencent and the sh419 and Alibaba’s two giants is that it does almost everything else other entrepreneurs can do. In layman’s terms, the "Penguin Empire" will relentlessly build up every venture company and model that it considers valuable. A very mainstream point of view, the reason why China can not out of Facebook, is the existence of Shanzhai culture represented by the Tencent. Tencent is the chief culprit.

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