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2016, the new board of the most popular stocks is the elixir of science and Technology 832821.OC, of course, Dan technology valuation is highly anticipated.

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Evergrande Taobao: valued by fans, valued at 15 billion

valuation has basically catch up with A shares listed companies, the new three board plan to IPO stocks so ferocious, philately party, you know,


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November 2015, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club listed three new board. January 2016, Hengda Taobao to 40 yuan price of 23 institutions directed additional shares, raising 869 million. Accordingly, the price estimates, Hengda Taobao valuation has exceeded 15 billion.

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revenue of 0 companies, the valuation was as high as 67 billion, it is quite wonderful.

listing three new board since, China Sea core respectively 7.5 yuan and 5.5 yuan per share price, implemented two times fixed increase, fund-raising 125 million yuan. In January 2016, the sea core China has also been the gem company Eastern Guoxin premium acquisition.

, but there are more wonderful things. Three new board companies, according to the valuation of fans, the valuation of up to 15 billion; have said to go to IPO’s company, valuation has exceeded the A share listed companies……

reported data, Hengda Taobao did not profit, loss of 310 million, the sales ratio is about 6, most of the commercial value in the five major league in the Premier League, 4.9 marketing giants Manchester United rate, while Serie A leaders Juventus sales rate of only 0.68.

Saver technology: quasi IPO stocks, the valuation has been higher than the average valuation of A shares

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

from A to the present, there is something to boast about in the commercialization of Chinese football – at such competitive levels, there is the club with the highest valuation in the world.

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, second, valuations are based on the city’s selling rate, which seems to be better suited to high-tech firms.

read, Jun found in 2016, the new three board 6 valuation wonderful company, we have a look at how they are to their valuation.

then Huatai Securities analyst Wang Yumei team announced a Taobao Hengda investor exchange minutes, disclosed Hengda Taobao valuation model.

"registered in poor areas" + "IPO concept", so the concept of the two to Dan technology shares since September.

, first, according to fans valuation. It is said that because United can according to twitter valuation, to do so, wondering if you read, China fans can cross the wall, foreign clubs are due to fans increased greatly enhance the valuation die;

Hengda Taobao 834338.OC in the new three plate wonderful valuation status, and its position in the super equivalent.

In 2016

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