Some problems of website operation and development2007 annual customer service satisfaction award in

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2, if you have any feelings and want to say when accepting the union service, you can participate in the "sh419 alliance service satisfaction survey" at any time, the satisfaction survey as union members on our long-term effective evaluation of service quality.

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    a large website project operation, inseparable from a team of close collaboration. In this team, it is mainly composed of two parts: operation and development. However, in many aspects of experience, work roles and cognitive level, there is a big difference between the operators and developers, which will result in many aspects of site planning, development and other on-line contradictions and conflicts. Dealing with the problem of website operation and development is an important factor to decide whether a website project can succeed or not. Combined with a few years of awareness of website operations, I’ve come to the following points. There are successful experience, but also a failure of the lesson, here to share with you.

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active participation in the league members, the 2007 annual "sh419 union customer service satisfaction survey" lasted more than a month, a total of nearly 10 million members involved, once again expressed gratitude to the above users,

              how do operators and developers communicate effectively? Business people and developers in communication often speak the same situation. Operators are mostly considering whether the site reflects the original intention Is it convenient for user operation and daily management? How to adjust the layout to make the website more attractive? And developers are considered more, the site has not in accordance with the "requirements specification" design and implementation? Where are program vulnerabilities and redundancies? Will the overly complex query conditions affect the overall performance of the site? When both sides communicate, they will follow the

this satisfaction survey is a special investigation of sh419 alliance service. The investigation involves a number of service related content such as sh419 alliance service, service attitude, service response, service level and so on.

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in order to acknowledge the participation of the majority of League members, we randomly selected 10 members of the "active participation Award" in the list of members participating in the survey, and selected 3 members of the "best recommendation award". The list of winners is hereby announced :


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sh419 alliance helps partners achieve success in their respective fields.

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warm reminder: 1, the Union has awarded bonus points to all of your league accounts, please check it.

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respected sh419 affiliate members, Hello:

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through the investigation, we deeply feel the majority of union members concerned about sh419 Alliance Services and care, many members of the fill in the questionnaire at the same time, also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. After careful analysis, We readjust our service strategy and introduce three service commitments to protect the rights and interests of the members of the alliance.

              operation; how to lead demand analysis; to make R & D to adapt to it? This is a question of demand analysis. In the project development process, is often the case that: operators provide already in place, and the developers think demand is still not detailed enough, leading to not start, both sides debated.
              on this issue, we should first make clear that operations are dominant in demand. Operators in the planning, development and operation of each stage, the project development needs to be as clear as possible analysis and exposition, to facilitate developers to accept and implement. System analysis and technical analysis are the main tasks of developers. Sometimes, the description of the operational requirements is really vague, which requires the development of analysts to communicate with the operators constantly and translate, which provides the best logical processing mechanism for the system implementation.
              if the operator can be as much as possible to consider the site architecture, planning on overall demand, this paper provides a more detailed logical relationship, at the same time, developers can also focus on the needs to understand the operation intention, grasp the direction of demand and segmentation this problem can be smoothly done or easily solved above that of admission.

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