Teach you to use the blog to do Taobao monthly earn 1000 yuanTalk about some of the main models of o

either way, need to own website, online store, blog and other serious business, if you want something for nothing or improper choice of the way to make money online, or deceived, or hard, how also can not earn money.

network to make money is not a mystery, is the webmaster through the website promotion operation of hard earned, and online fraud and network marketing and other illegal ways to earn money are essentially different. The main modes of making money online include: website traffic transformation model, sales commission model, online sales, product sales model, etc..

blog flow to the easy, long tail key is also easier to get better ranking. I observed a lot of long tail keywords, sh419 in front of, in addition to sh419 know and stick it is blog, especially sh419 space and NetEase blog has very good ranking. With the blog to do Taobao guests, everyone will, but many people’s blog was sealed, lost confidence, here I combine my experience, how to "clever" with the blog to do Taobao customers.

these are some of my personal experience, I hope a little help for the novice, can also add my :155148407 exchange, master please smile. This article by www.shoulian.info webmaster original, A5 starting, reprinted please indicate, thank you.

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third, keyword links in the article. After the article is written, all the key words in the article add your Taobao guest link. For example, you wrote an article about the appropriate herbal medicine, you can give the article "affordable Materia Medica" all add Taobao link. Links can be search results or specific products. Here’s another example: hi.sh419/jianfei99/blog/item/c2e1c103a085a71a728b650b.html


every six, often updated, do more than the chain. These two points are SEO common sense, and also the most important of SEO.

and some other methods can make money through the Internet, such as blog post for blog advertising revenue such as bokee blog and blog blog for Gold Alliance; free software bundled adware mode by advertising software provider payment free software revenue Commission, for example some software tools bundled network real name, but it is now known as the rogue software is condemned; introduce new users to join offline, but if need to pay, in fact has become the network marketing.

first, when writing blog articles, be sure to choose the key words, especially the title of the article, must stand in the user’s point of view to draw the title. When people buy a product, they search sh419 for "XXX" and so on. The most typical such as "NOKIA 5230 how" this keyword, day search amount of more than 1000, more than a lot of popular keywords are high. Let me give you a nice blog I’ve recently discovered: hi.sh419/jianfei99.

1 – site traffic conversion mode for advertisers in their website advertising and website visits into advertising revenue usually in this model, network alliance forms such as shlf1314 AdSense, sh419 for advertising, eBay eBay’s membership registration Commission etc.;

2 sales commission model – such as dangdang and joyo websites to join the website alliance, to promote products for these retail e-commerce website on their website, when the user through the website of the link to product excellence and Dangdang or purchase, union members will receive a sales commission usually in the sales of 6-10%

second, to refine the specific brand specific products. Do not move to what, what ranking, and so on, and this kind of title at the beginning of the effect is very good, but now do more people, has no effect. For example, a recent fire on herbs. When you write a blog, you can aim at a product under this brand, such as writing, using the appropriate herbal XXX, how the effect, and posted photos, I think it is still able to impress people who read the article.

fifth, clever use of blog group. NetEase’s blog moving feature is really easy to use, and you can easily copy a blog. Even if one is sealed, there is another.

3 selling products online sales model – you can set up an online store on eBay, Taobao and other large e-commerce platform, or the creation of an independent online sales website, gain by selling products online.

fourth, clever with big pictures and tables. Don’t bother to send Taobao’s original code to the blog. You can go to the inside of the product, save the big picture, and do the Taobao guest link.

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