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shlf1314 in the "top of the wave" in incisive summary "genes determine law", namely the company’s gene determines the ability to accomplish something in a new field. Even the great innovator of Apple Corp, also failed to break the genetic law, although the Apple Corp in the consumer electronics field of hardware and software in the social field invincible, but try Ping products are Game > Center also suffer a big.

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for Scott, I agree with the company innovation type summary, but not entirely agree now has entered the big companies in the era of innovation view. I think innovation is divided into two types: gene extension innovation and disruptive innovation, innovation of large companies use their own resources, scale and brand in the "innovation" catalyst under the action of "extension of the gene belongs to the innovation, the innovation is often easier in the corporate environment, another kind of" disruptive innovation "almost impossible in big business success.

Dr. Wu Jun

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Scott D.Anthony THE NEW "CORPORATE GARAGE" presents an interesting point of view, we are entering a new era of innovation: with the continuous reduction of the cost of innovation and innovation in the threshold of the big company inferior in innovation competitiveness less, those with entrepreneurial awareness inside large companies’ innovative catalyst "the use of corporate resources, scale and brand to make major innovative products and business. But this type of innovation is a small start-up companies VC investment in no condition to realize, the size of the company is no longer a big obstacle to innovation, but innovation foundation. Scott cites 4 companies: the case of innovation of medical equipment industry Medtronic, Unilever, FMCG, agriculture and Syngenta IT industry IBM.

‘s gene? Gene refers to a successful company in the process of competition in the field of business competition, in order to adapt to the highly optimized on its own, it is this height optimization and evolution, in order to establish a leading position in this field, it is the gene company can guarantee the advantages of the company in the competitive field, and will become the company to expand into other areas of the disorder, which is from many large companies in the competition can be seen, for example: the Microsoft Corp in the PC software era not in Internet; summon wind and call for rain, shlf1314 in the Internet industry with a leader, but lost the social Facebook competition; NOKIA was once the king of feature phone, but the decline in the rise of intelligent mobile phone and mobile internet.

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Fan Kai, an Internet entrepreneur, founder of JavaEye

gene extension innovation easy success in large companies, disruptive innovation can hardly succeed.

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