How do the optimization of long tail keywords

when you determine the long tail keywords page, the page of Shanghai dragon operation:

in the competition of long tail keywords is also low, few people understand the system to optimize the long tail keywords. So, to achieve the long tail keywords ranking easier.

Keywords ;

general to choose the long tail keywords, partial cold to do, if the word competition is strong (can use the index query to love Shanghai), depending on the content page is usually difficult to get good rankings. This time, you can use the search search engine, search for a little longer term as long tail keywords.

tags, Keywords tag and description tag, text content,


usually most of the page is a mining long tail keywords, when you publish an article that, you can clearly see what is the main keywords of the page, the word is that you need to consider the long tail keywords.

and target words in general with the home page optimization, long tail keywords generally exist in the web page content, although the search volume is very small, but the number of such words can be infinite, do the long tail keyword optimization, can Everfount to the site to bring huge traffic.

1. web content for

normally, a 1 – 3 page can optimize the long tail keywords, but if only focus on optimizing a perhaps better.

page on the long tail keywords planning content, but not in the keyword density as the pursuit of natural

first, you have to prepare and site theme related content, to avoid the original acquisition, the best. Fresh original content, can make your site is very popular with users and search engines trust, long tail keywords original content page, easy to search engine front row.

3. content page optimization


to the crown a contains keywords H1 or H>

, of course, not all pages need to consider the long tail keywords, some pages may only be website business needs, or rich site use. Optimization of long tail keywords in many cases, as long as you have this meaning, do not have to deliberately do so too tired.

you want to set up an independent of the page title tag, summed up the theme of the page;

second, succession should pay attention to website content updates, i.e. each release amount of content and almost, continue. Doing a few months will be able to gain the trust of the search engine, resulting in higher weight. For example, Shanghai dragon Nile is writing an article every day, every day to release a.

content of the website, in quality not in quantity, please be sure to take seriously every time the website content updates.

The to determine the content page keywords

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