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The first 1 months of the line on the website

the long tail A5 starting address: 贵族宝贝Shoulian88贵族宝贝/

. This month is our website to love Shanghai, the process of search engines such as Google know, say the first image is very important, so, personally, do stand before delivery, to ensure that their website has a 10-20 original articles, and then submitted to the search engine, or by some large forum lead spider, it is will soon be the major search engines, Google update faster, we mainly study the love of Shanghai, such as Google search engines do not say. To love Shanghai, love Shanghai is the new study period, usually half a month to a month’s time, during this period, Shanghai love only included our website (although we updated every day, when the original) study period, Shanghai began to love our collection of articles, it is the content of the website here I suggest every day to update the original article, the number is constant, the best time of a day is the time update. Insist to do some webmaster forum every day the chain, should not be too much, to avoid excessive optimization. Improve site exposure, promote ZhengZhan weight.


through these operations, I believe that the general stick to the general difficulty not too big words can take.


3 after three months. Start slowly with the ranking, ranking may be in the tens, probably in second, page third, at this time, I want to increase the intensity of the optimization, then love Shanghai and update snapshot pages included are very fast, we increase the amount of optimization efforts, with the anchor text keyword optimization, optimization of the corresponding keyword ranking, Elliot the word first suggested optimization web page optimization, easy words, so you can quickly to the home page, the natural website weight also improved, continue to optimize the difficulty slightly larger behind the word can also help, then recommended to the forum text, with the anchor text keyword link soft, specific forum resources, their collection, to daily updates from the blog, the blog with anchor text links, but also to link quantitative exchange friendship, increase the weight of the website.

2 a month to 3 months. This period is the most difficult time, no website ranking, the natural flow is poor, nor what income, what we need to keep the original articles updated daily, and insist on the chain, the chain is not too much, improve the site exposure site of the main promotion ZhengZhan weight, you can go to some forum. Self free blog, can also exchange some Links slowly.

we all know that Shanghai dragon is definitely not a day, two days a new station will be able to do the first page, it takes 3 months to pay even half a year, or even longer. So many new friends may encounter such problems in this process, the long tail of today to share with you some personal experience their own web site in Shanghai since the first half of the dragon.

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