Exchange Links don’t take home as the only goal

Links simply say that each link between two sites, it generally has several functions, one is to get some traffic through Links, especially some portal station or very large flow station, more can bring certain flow; but by Links, can let search engines know your website what is the theme of the. So whether it is for the search engines, or flow, Links are very important part.

Links the first understand

page links with their own unique advantages, that is to improve the site keywords ranking, bring effective flow. The reason is very simple, because we do the inside pages of words are long tail keywords little competition, so do some weight good links, the overall weight of the page will be enhanced, all pages in the search engine rankings may also improve, can realize the long tail of profit. Of course, this is not certain, but if you have this idea, put the important page link to the home page, and write the theme exchange similar Links, appropriate for some publicity and promotion, then it is very likely to get good rankings.


Links effect, the rest is the location of the link, but most are placed in the home, because the core keywords on the front page of the site contains the site, home page weight high can also drive the column page and the content page. But all the links on the home page and can not solve all the problems. A normal website, there are a lot of links are provided for high value content, so other websites will link to our website, which will be home will have the inside pages, so do the Links, the home page and the inside pages to do, but the proportion of large home.

in the site, external links is always a focus of the webmaster, but in addition to external links, there is one very important point is Links, as a first step we do optimization, Links throughout the website promotion process also plays a very important role. But many webmaster do when Links, usually do in the home, to ignore the inside pages necessary. Today I will give you a summary of some ideas of my own, I hope to help the webmaster.

After the

pages link advantage

site directory can also do Links, for example between the 58 city between the associated channel page will do Links, this not only conducive to the user access, but also transfer the weight between. Although the same site, but the weight between channels are different, so different directory website links is a common means of optimization. So Links has a good role is to transfer the weight. In this regard, links do not necessarily have to make a choice in the home page is also very good.

directory can do link

alone or home to do

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