Google 11 analysis tools using techniques of follow-up

analysis tool for real-time reporting, which shows that the visitors on your site for a specific time information. You can see your website, at that moment there are many visitors on your site, where they come from, through what kind of keywords and referrals to your site, and has a detailed analysis on them in the web access path, that access to real-time report, you need to the homepage menu > real time (Trial Version) [].

The default value of


"should be used in your site analysis skills" article from the target setting, search, search and other aspects of the site speed and share Google use sharing tools, today continue to learn about other techniques with you together.

action (action): this element can be used to determine the visitor interaction, can click the button, playback, stop.

In 11 Google

will help you determine your activity, they mean the author can introduce:

, real time reportGoogle has launched a

category (classification): you can use this to determine the elements you want to track the e-books, video, advertising or registration form.

[position] report will be provided to the number of your visitors and their state information. You can also check their location on the map.

, the 5 track

value (value): this element can help you develop your value, and can be used when setting the goal of your activities.


once you set your links, you have to do is to set the event as a target, the use of categories, actions, labels and value conditions set for your target.

< a href=" " onclick=" _gaq.push ([‘_trackEvent’,’category’,’action’,’opt_label’,’opt_value’]); " >

when the Olympic Games time, presumably of the "track" a more sensitive, but this article stresses that the analysis tool for event tracking using Google: how many people download your ebook; how much better advertising effect, who click on the ads more; transfer registration form; visitors at checkout more what video content and the pause, fast forward or stop events.

enables event tracking is a difficult process, you need to do is add the following code to your web site, and then change to the default value.

label (label): use this to determine the type of event tracking.

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