Again good search, 360 overall search can avoid settle a matter by leaving it unsettled

how long?

first, a good search for independent brands, and 360 desalination product group, with an independent identity search attack.

search, in my opinion, is undoubtedly the product development of the earlier "give up", to achieve a new brand to grow through the re positioning and operation, but also from the desktop to show the situation, 360 search has been a good search alternative, therefore, 360 I want to re attack with the concept of the new product search field. But this dream can do 360 search

first, the 360 to enter the search market has been more than two years, the market was tepid, although the official has about thirty percent market share, but in its core areas, as well as safe browser client antivirus field by love Shanghai, Tencent more and more pressure, on the one hand is the core business challenges, on the other one is the search business and see the ceiling, so the 360 tried to search the brand through good brand search and reshaping the new, in order to continue to search the market.

The launch of

actually said previous product failure, nothing more than three points, first, the lack of user base, the product does not feature, can not find the differences exist, the hardware does not work. The new start, a good search in these three aspects are solved? We can make nothing of it, but we can feel through the use of a few changes.

for search products on the 360, can be said to never give up. From the search to the 360 search, 360 is also constantly trying to grope. It can be said to own search products with "tricks", the 360 is also used a variety of methods, and even took the case to the extreme, but in the ordinary people have long been accustomed to love Shanghai search times, 360 of the effort is too pale.

second, "don’t be evil", effectively purify search environment, enhance the search brings value.

second >

third, increase the interactive function, realize the functions such as talk, increasing the possibility of user participation, to further enhance the humanization and authenticity of the search results.

comprehensive search and search in 360 compared to prior to the launch, the search is clearly more formal, more competitive. But don’t forget today is still love Shanghai in search of the world, even if the students in the encounter is not the problem will think of "love Shanghai", visible love Shanghai for ordinary users into how deep, in this case, 360 if you want to continue to grab the market, bring the client browser resources alone is clearly not enough, some of the measures even the improved imperative. And the launch of a good search is also quite a bit helpless.

fourth for mobile ports for the effective implementation of customization, seven kinds of special function can be said to be a step by step, pre made its own characteristics.


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