How is the new year in Shanghai Longfeng road better

so that Shanghai dragon is the group of people still have a brilliant future? Are those who form their own marketing system of such a group of people, in addition to the full contact of various Internet marketing channels, but also try to through the line marketing + online marketing tools, this group of people to create a more complete marketing system, they think the Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future, strictly in their eyes, Shanghai dragon is actually one of the most accurate marketing channels, and focus on the search engine promotion outside the auction advertisement +>


argument: some people think that Shanghai dragon is dead;


Shanghai dragon really die


over the years, Shanghai dragon is dead on the spread, every time after the search engine algorithm of large adjustment, this argument will come out. I analyzed roughly divided into the following three categories:

argument ?

some people think that Shanghai dragon will die, actually this is also a lot of argument. But the strange thing is, call for so many years, although a lot of Shanghai dragon ER jobs to do other work, or even go into business, but there are still a part of Shanghai dragon ER who survived. The Shanghai dragon dying argument more from some fierce competition industries, for example, we say the medical industry, why Shanghai dragon will die, because from the Shanghai dragon this channel to get traffic high cost, difficult, and even some companies in Shanghai have been replaced by the Dragon position extrapolation personnel.

argument three: Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future;

for small owners, Shanghai dragon is dead, this is indeed the evidence, although the station is less and less, and the webmaster also more realizable way to make money through advertising alliance, this path seems to have become narrower and narrower, because the traffic acquisition has become increasingly high; there are some people mainly through the operation of the project, which is selling products to sell services, now seems to rely on the Shanghai dragon to engage in traffic to sell products and services, it becomes very difficult; in addition, the webmaster of course there are still some people rely on the channel he realized, not to say what. Give people the feeling is? Flow become more and more expensive, small owners to get traffic through the Shanghai Phoenix channel is more and more narrow, more and more difficult to walk, although the industry has developed stations such as Lu Songsong Blog, blog and then seize the moonlight, the opportunity is now bigger, but this road has become increasingly difficult to copy.

2017 Shanghai dragon promotion optimization and in the head? Prospect? The future of Shanghai dragon promotion optimization do? Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng felt the need to write an article to share with you, in 2016 has passed, 2017 is in your face, I believe that in 2017 there will still be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER insist on doing in this industry, so in 2017 the Shanghai dragon promotion optimization how to do

argument two: some people think that Shanghai dragon will die;

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