360 agents of the General Assembly convened for the first time the 360 commercial search using PPC


July 19th, Qihoo 360 will channel agents in Yunnan, Peru, the theme is "enjoy free search, the future", this is the first time a Qihoo 360 channel agent conference.

lost the existence significance in some of the city’s two level or lower level agents can only find a way to make a living. If the new emergence of a search engine company, it means that the new opportunity again.

Qihoo 360 held the first conference channel agents have a background, namely 360 channel agents layout has been initially completed. The official told reporters that at present, the Qihoo 360 has developed nearly 30 agents in the country, the final plan is to establish a nationwide 30 to more than 40 channel agents.

is a Qihoo 360 regional agent is revealed, in addition to Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu and other underdeveloped areas has not been set up channel agents, the channel agent Qihoo 360 has full coverage, including the original does not cover the northeast, southwest, central and other regions.


this activity is not open to the media, the reporter attended the meeting informed of the news channel agents. Participants told reporters that this is a "swearing", summed up the first half of the 2013 annual results, while the development of the task. In addition, more importantly, to build by the "Qihoo 360, advertisers, channel agents, alliance website, netizens" Qihoo 360 search ecological system.

Qihoo 360 chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi in the United States, did not participate in the conference channel.

channel agents started to have Shanghai two agents in early 2003, Shanghai after the lonely love mature system for a long time; until he became Sogou, Sogou general agent in the province; the general agent of the province this year Sogou to another supplier, this channel agent became the province Sogou two agents, distributor and Qihoo 360 in another city in the province.


Hou Jiyong

channel layout basically exhausted

channel agents said 360 channel agent system and love Shanghai implementation of the region’s total generation system". The development of a partner in a province by development partners two agent channel agent or a lower level. Two channel agent channel agent or a lower level is the development of new customers, old customers directly with the renewal of the region’s total generation contract.

at the beginning of this year, the Qihoo 360 President Qi Xiangdong told reporters that this year will focus on the development of channel agents. At that time, the country only more than a dozen channel agents, and concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region.

however, the above sources, in the economically developed provinces there are a number of agents, such as Qihoo 360 in Jiangsu Province, a regional general agent were set in Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi city.

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