About the title of the site, the utility is the kingly way

many sites boasting too much, we often see: three heaven love Shanghai first, earn 300 part-time day at home, a look at the title is false, not to click on you.

many people anxious to get all the relevant keywords are written up, it is difficult to optimize up, especially new sites, you a title key words too much weight, dispersed, it will cause each keyword optimization does not go up, or each keywords are not a good ranking, will not flow no, with the same ranking. Keywords so I suggest that we should not exceed 3 of the title, keywords you less, easier to optimize up, website traffic, you and other related keywords directory optimization.

Punctuation interval

for example, some people love behind the headlines and the official website and other people feel very tall feeling, in fact, these words just just look at your location, taobao贵族宝贝, 123 people of the title is very concise, focused, non write really can not write.

is more conducive to search engine optimization settings please refer to my website, Zhangzhou: 贵族宝贝0596w贵族宝贝/ respect the original, please keep the transfer of copyright, will have more original articles to share oh.

third, a punctuation in the title

first, not greedy, not overdo sth..

fourth, the title as far as possible with neutral words, don’t brag


add: home page keywords too much, it is difficult to locate the Shanghai love you this website is what type of that love of Shanghai is very difficult to understand you, but if the words less, once he can give you the location.


, do not try to set up some second titles of no great importance

title as far as possible with the angle, such as a comma with full width half angle for the byte is not the same, many sites are in half-width " _" this symbol.

many people are tangled in the end how to set the title of the site also has many years of experience, I have engaged in website design and promotion, today my experience to share with everyone, I hope to give beginners some help.

set a title I will give you suggestions for the above four points, in fact, now do not what optimization has been used, mainly to do some beneficial to the search engine can be set up, as long as the site, users love your website is king.

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