How to increase the chain through the Forum


two: character signature which can set you want to link (Figure 1), next to a post or thread distribution links, but this method now too many people, and if you want to send the most like water, you will inevitably be deleted sooner or later embarrassment.

: to find the weight of high site included some links is impossible, such as love Post Bar forum Sina, Shanghai, the Pacific Forum on women, even occasionally good luck stay on one of the two, will immediately disappear.

three: in even the signature forum thread, and select new posts included with, will be better, this is the reason why so many people love to grab the sofa, or some fire up posts can also be included, will also read. Also don’t let go of the top posts, the essence of technology, etc..

two: release topic, anchor text in the article add.

webmaster have experience in some forums with the number of posts which included good, also to bring their own website to help, but I do not know when love Shanghai to update these links but disappear without a trace. If the chain is full to do fine, if a large number of sites outside the chain is in this way, the website must suffer.

then talk about how to increase the chain in the forum is the best:

"content is king, the chain for emperor", is to do the webmaster for having heard it many times a word, want the website to get good rankings, flow to our purpose, good content is beyond doubt, so after the sentence is the importance of the chain. There are many kinds of way of the chain, the chain is forum is common, today to talk alone. Through the forum to increase chain is a method easy to say, difficult to do, want to do well and play the role of thread is not irrigation, leave a signature links so simple.

four: some forum in order to avoid too much advertising adverse effects to their station, set the nofollow tag, it is clear that the spider will not come crawling, send good posts stay more links is of no use.

three: some weight high BBS invite code needed (Figure two), if so, it is best to give up, because its to bend over backwards invitation code, it is better to find another, because the weight is high and there is no need to invite code of the forum is always there.

four: post links forum should be diversified, not only in one or a few forum efforts, but not easily modify the link.

forum post, post is the increase of the chain method is very simple, but now is not the same, with more and more people advertising, many owners also do not pay attention to the quality of Posts and thread, resulting in some weight high site post thread has no effect, the following common problems:

: and you do try to choose the correlation forum to do link.

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