On site construction optimization of internal and external factors

station optimization is divided into optimization analysis, optimization, optimization, implementation of long-term optimal judgment.

optimization is the optimization analysis of the data by judging. Our core keywords, the core column is optimized, there may be a special work, do Links, station group, brand promotion, or chain construction, more regular inspection data backup server, all the work is to ensure the long-term stable development of the website.

is about to determine optimal line on the website after the promotion of the website, see Internet users respond to web sites, make some adjustments, such as the flow of content and the core content of the proportion, try and competitors are different, the core content of outstanding website, this process inside and outside the chain chain to work together to do. The accumulation of data, data analysis, and then do some long term adjustment and targeted to the content construction.

station optimization is divided into Links, brand promotion, content exchange, a variety of related APP application association. Links is about to find and their site content.

is about to perform the optimization scheme analysis and optimization, in the implementation process, to do detailed work, check the web site vulnerabilities, more than mediocre code, website interface design, perfect debugging web server running environment, attention is never on-line when the site content is not abundant enough, first with a domain name to spare do internal debugging, such as web content you want to do good and then binding site, a column as long as there are two page content on it, ZhengZhan need 2000 or so basic information even if the rich content, but this is not absolute, but also the industry and to the effect of the website. But the line on the website before there must be a supply of Internet users can see.

analysis and Optimization about from the beginning of site analysis, competitive analysis, industry users, competitors, and then set the theme keywords, long tail word design website source code framework, function, content, scope of column, select the server, all from the user experience.

website optimization is an integrated curriculum, is the ideal and the reality and things, do not think that is a few keywords design layout optimization, you just work on the surface of Shanghai dragon is not in-depth, this optimization process is not long, a month is not a year, do website optimization how long do, clear thinking, the key to see the execution. Site of the Shanghai dragon need to accumulate data continuously and analyze data and execute again in the judgment, if you want to do a good Shanghai dragon er or do a good website, then you have to have a long-term psychological preparation to do a good job planning, long-term and short-term, emergency plans and objectives.

Shanghai dragon

said the website optimization is each site management personnel required courses, but the site of Shanghai dragon is definitely not every day with the site monitoring tool for investigation, and is upset and surprise and his luck Lenovo together.

site optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization.

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