301 and 302 turn (redirect) the difference and effect

for the correct implementation of the 301 redirect, there are several methods available for reference:

browser, agents or search engines to send " to a " crawler;; Web page or call request, call the page or URL where the web server will check a file named.Htaccess. This file contains how to deal with a specific request instruction, and play a key role in security. The user can modify the file through the file browser, to inform the agent or ", called " crawler; page belongs to a temporary move (302 permanent redirect) or removed (301 redirect). We can use a web hosting service instead of the.Htaccess’file to achieve the 301/302 permanent redirect.

1. in the.Htaccess file add 301 redirect instruction

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝 $1 [R=301, L]

in many redirection technology, 301 permanent redirect is a way the most secure, but also a very good solution.

301 redirect can promote the search engine optimization effect

through the instructions tell the search engine spider your site address on file. This is a more common way.

can have excellent processing capability of 302 redirect only the noble baby. That is to say, using a 302 redirect on the site command will other domain to domain, only the noble baby will give other domain link results are included in the main domain, and other search engines will only link results to multiple domain allocation, thus weakening the total link station. Since the number of the chain website ranking as one of the key factors affected, website ranking reduced is also very natural thing.

When the

using "mod_rewrite" technology, such as:

302 redirect can affect the search engine optimization effect

2. is suitable for the use of Unix network server user

search engine optimization from the perspective of 301 redirect is the most feasible approach to redirect. When the site’s domain name is changed, the search engines to index only on the new site, while the external links shown the original old address transfer to the new address, so as not to let the website ranking changes because the site received the slightest impact. Similarly, in the use of 301 permanent redirect in order to have multiple domain names for web domain, will not have any negative impact on the ranking of the site.

type: Redirect 301 / htt>

RewriteEngine on

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