404 error page will have what effect to the site

Lee is on the website webmaster how to do 404 error page the instructions, if the site is not 404 pages, will have a much greater impact on the website? No 404 page, when the user accidentally enter the wrong site, would be a mistake for web site, users will need to input from the new website, jump out rate and for the spiders, when a spider crawling, Web links appear dead, the spider can skip to the site, a bad influence, have a certain impact on the website rankings. Trust the search engine on the web is also greatly reduced.

got a new habit, is 301 points, 404 error page, 404 error page facing the website what, what are the benefits to the website? Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform May 3rd published on the website of the 404 error page views, let many webmaster about 404 pages, before many webmaster to 404 the pages are no more than to pay attention to, do not understand the 404 error page will have what effect to the website, on this issue, Xiao Bian analyzed their views.

some time ago about the chain of cheating made views love Shanghai station, yesterday on the website 404 error page also made a unique view, had 404 pages of the website is of great benefit, when the site is with spam, spam and timely disposal, some of the benefits of the website, the website will return a 404 error page, to avoid the search engine on the website of the effect is not good, if the site does not do the 404 page web site so that the content of the page when preserved, click on the page when the page is dead link or content has been removed, the user experience is not good.

, what is the 404 error page



love Shanghai Webmaster Platform on 404 error page published opinions, many webmasters are blind, because they think the optimization is standing outside the chain, not to pay attention to the station, which do not understand what is the 404 error page, proficient in all know, 404 pages of the website is very important, which is considered the user experience, also considered the normal crawling spider, a lot of new owners do not understand the 404 error page will not know what are the benefits for the

404 point error means that the page does not exist, or the original URL failure, when some post, delete, can also cause dead links, this is the webmaster if can hardly be avoided, in the web site do 404, even the dead links, when the user clicks, the original page cannot be access, the server receives the request, will return a 404 status code, plus 404, you can return a 404 error page, can enter the website home page, reduce the rate of jump out site. Two, 404 error page will give the website what impact

404 error page, start from the basic knowledge to understand it, then it will know what benefits the


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