Website optimization is the shortcut to success 42 pounds

website construction and optimization method for who? Real site construction and optimization of the master who have their successful way to teach a man to fish as delegate to fish. The rule of the search engine today is a look, maybe tomorrow is another way, the website construction and optimization ideas should keep pace with the times, learning is not a simple "technology", how to treat the website construction and optimization from the macro, more conducive to the optimization of master site construction and optimization. Besides, everyone has their own special skills, not everyone is willing to share with. Share may be thousands of others to try something back, do not think too much value to share, of course, things are not absolute, it is said here the binary is not dead. What is the website construction and optimization can be successful? Do 42 dial one thousand jins type, reducing the number of ranking costs and shorten the time to achieve the best effect, this is the website construction and optimization of the.


analysis of rival

any industry as long as the development of space will have a rival, how different is the strength of competitors. Understanding on the Internet’s strength in addition to the product itself, but also understand how much is paid on the site, is often done advertising types, or in the product speak word of mouth publicity so as to improve the ranking. How long is the top domain of age, in the website construction and the optimized input on whether to adopt a "paid links". The other side of the main keyword is your primary keyword, because many secondary key competitors are your main keywords >

analysis of the development of the industry

website construction and website optimization technology throughout every corner of the Internet, however, of dazzling and uneven in quality. Today, look at this article is reasonable, then rely on this method to do a few days of testing, the optimization of the site. Tomorrow to see someone say better, then continue to change the optimization method of Shanghai dragon. However, the final result is often engaged in their own like all at sea like, so how do the website design and optimization? The author discusses the methods to today are not detailed here, just an idea of website construction and optimization, how to understand website construction and optimization that is success.

a qualified Shanghai dragon ER in optimizing the site before the first thing is to find the primary and secondary long tail keywords, but to explore how the website industry, over how to develop, now they are in a state of what, this development is the increasing potential is also only this. From the website construction and optimization perspective, to understand the situation after more conducive to how Shanghai Longfeng optimization, do a preparation for the initial budget. The industry has the potential of website development will have the potential, so the website construction and optimization to produce its maximum value, otherwise the website construction and optimization will lose its effect, 42 pounds is the website construction and optimization include the maximum value.

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