The website is punished the self reflection of love Shanghai

3, aware of the situation not seconds, we panic, like a stock, buy, hold, flesh, convertible, bought to secure, then the same flesh. We made a series of mistakes. In the end a mistaken love Shanghai may be due to alt increase keyword density under the condition of modified back. After uploading. The tragedy. We are direct K auto parts network station.

Hey ~ after we as a warning for the future after

1, first is the question of dispute about domain name ownership companies boss, because of the value evaluation, and interests, we change the domain owner, and analysis of IP, this is the most important start of doom. To do so, in the eyes of love Shanghai, you this website is changed the ownership of the company, he needs to you whether the holder will continue to adhere to the new site to do a good job in the investigation stage, so they will suspend the release of your index, included or will continue.

. After the decision, not to love Shanghai anymore, they just study your web content you have updated, updated frequently, leading to love love Shanghai sea algorithm spiders can’t follow you. So it will not be too good to update. Experience tells me that after the update is best for a week, or in January to 1 years for good. But more than a year at least updates for. Thank www.qichepeijian贵族宝贝

in contributions!

this year we have been busy with auto parts network problems and business processing company resources and several companies, has been concerned with the website content updates and photos, site activities and so on, until one day suddenly found love Shanghai search volume dropped, overnight. We realized not seconds. Look at the webmaster statistics, love the sea from the original 2000-3000IP was reduced to 100 to IP every day. Oh ~ this is back to the liberation, when we had just started the company website. Unexpected things are not right, we immediately put the focus to the website development to the above. However, the more care what is what is wrong, in the meantime we auto parts network made a few mistakes very serious.

2, we also know that the technician is a basic problem of the appeal, but with our hands itch auto parts network is the old station, should be yilaomailao, anxious to escape love Shanghai sandbox period, frequent changes in the title of the page and the content page weight, according to the Shanghai station and love love Shanghai statistics suggested that efforts will site affinity to more than 90 points. However, it is doing so annoyed love Shanghai, and the severity of our right down. 1 million income directly reduced to 200 thousand, then K off home.

had to admit that love is indeed better than Google and 360 sea search is much slower, as I stood there is no cheating, no bad behavior is just what, frequently updated web content on the love of Shanghai punishment, this self-examination and introspection, to love God for mercy in Shanghai.

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