Webmaster should how to improve the relationship and search engine spiders


well, we talked about the topic of "spider crawling

first thing Networking:

second things: food

Internet spirit is the spirit of sharing, and the characteristics of the spider crawling is consistent, because the spider is tailored for the internet. As a webmaster if we want to faster and more deeply into the Internet have to put their things out to other people’s things brought in, this process can be called Links or the construction of the chain. When we have numerous chain and Limited chain after the completion of our net work is finished half, why not say just completed a half completed? Because we do is let us in front of the whole and the outside world, but we haven’t linked. The second step is our internal networks, netting principle is from the home page to page link from page to page link in the page must link and page. Such webs can make our home to share the knowledge of the Internet gradually transferred to all the web pages of the website. Well, at this stage of our net work be accomplished (in fact, as long as the site in the business networking work has been going on I just figurative just

is good at spider crawling, and is linked to climb the boundless. We always talk about how to design the site webmaster better against the spider crawling included, in fact we are understanding the characteristics of the spider will know the spider crawling is the need to have a man. This is also true of the spider and spider, spider webs and true spiders are their own climb for food. However, the search engine is not so, it needs to master good network and then to guide the spider knot to climb. I think we do station Shanghai dragon is actually doing two things and put food webs. Let us talk about how to do these two things….

spider for ordinary people may be a hate animal, it can get your house all nets, accidentally might net your face. But for us is that we make money online Yisifumu spider. Of course, this is not a spider spider, we have talked about this spider is a search engine for Internet data crawling program. We all know that the search engine has a huge database, and these data collection tool is the search engine spiders.

whether real or spider search engine program or love to eat fresh food every day, if you took him to eat under excess things to which he will not be happy. A long time will not come to you but to a place to eat fresh food. We must pay attention to the original site, this is all Shanghai dragon experts said words. Here, some people may argue the acquisition literature stands is not very profitable, but who have seen the literature collecting station has been money. We may choose a spider on spam sites but for a long time he knew that the good or bad.

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