With the movie website to learn to do the long tail keywords promotion drainage examples

I was feeling very strange, why such an obvious link, it did not remove his post horizon. So, I would like to see exactly what is in the plate. I will open the post the full version of the full plate – Iqiyi.


Optimization of

found the original drainage for his movie website.

but also from the evening of that day to start.


The story of This is my first

day, I love Shanghai in search of TV drama "happiness please wait for me", then to see twenty-third sets, so I easily searched "happiness please wait for me 23, I such a move is completely natural, but there is a demand, believe that a lot of love looking at a television set people will search this drama. The results, I found the love Shanghai second website.

now analyze the characteristics and advantages of this operation means.

of this case can be extended.

1, complete with high weight platform of long tail keywords. These words are created on the basis of the long tail word on the popular TV series, but these people to search keywords is very strong, a great probability point into the.

look at the title of the site seems to be Iqiyi’s Web site, careful observation, I found that this is the world, curiosity drove me to look carefully. I opened after the discovery.

3, he was in a forum Tianya create useful features — Iqiyi complete version. We will find each post title in Shanghai love search results are displayed inside the Iqiyi version of the full, so as to mislead search people think is Iqiyi’s website.

, I understand.

A regular movie >

1, he operated

TV search found by chance, feeling his operation means it is worth considering, then silently attention for a long time, today we share the hope that useful.

2, ahead of manufacturing high amount of long tail keywords search. I believe he is the key words in each set are optimized in the process of television is still in this series, the others haven’t started to do the word one step ahead.


we can see, the whole plate is all to do a variety of popular TV series of posts. The post of each post and I have found that the content is almost the same, is to name and post posts within the anchor text to another name, are ultimately the traffic to a website of his own. I carefully watched, that views many posts are very large, I believe that all is in love with the sea to flow.

In a

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