The homepage is the difference between K and left home and Solutions


many owners love to put a lot of text on the home page, resulting in excessive optimization, the best is to take only one link to the following.

did not update, the site has a search engine that nobody management, database also has full time, certainly time to delete some content, the update is not very frequent site collection. The old to make way for the new user, always search to the previous things, no new stuff that will give up the search engine.

template text: each page will appear in the text.



query: 贵族宝贝webconfs贵族宝贝/similar-page-checker.php

less Some

usually is the reason: K

K was not restored:

is a K recovery:

love Shanghai database Update The

model, text similarity.

chain back to their home page: add a lot of links

website templates may be search engine unfriendly, for example: API guest program to be loved in Shanghai often pull hair off, the best is another kind is not very popular to install, mistaken for a mirror site of the station.

acquisition station began to be included, ranking is OK, but to a period of time will be quickly pull the wool, the user experience is poor, open not see the content but a lot of advertising content, all the same things, not readable enough, users will continue to waste time here. Browse? Write some original articles, write some of their own experiences.

site is K is very headache, recovery cycle is very long, not what operation is excessive, generally will soon recover, take cheating methods to optimize, die, there are K off the home page, site also included, even K light what are not, there must be a reason, webmaster the popular saying: love Shanghai update, back to before liberation. The K site is not terrible, terrible recovery time, who is to say what time to restore the site included and weight. How do we go home by the difference between K and left home and

Back at the bottom of the

: a similar degree of text similarity. The following 30%

is the most edge class website: Taobao, two search customer classification information, power supply, medical machinery, fiction and film ·


love Shanghai 5.20 event is a proof, most are restored, there is little not be restored. Wait, you can directly change the domain name to stand.


A lot of The contents of

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