The importance of website description text

here will have friends ask, since the external and internal anchor text link anchor text links are so important in Shanghai dragon, in the anchor text link

third, the same page do not appear in different links of the same keywords.

2, the specificity of the link anchor text, explain the whole content page in the anchor text and the page is the main related consistency.

keyword appears in the page

, anchor text plus, will help to improve the relevant page keyword ranking. To improve the home page weight; each page is also


this link will also become a link, while driving the inside pages of the rankings.

set the internal anchor text link

ten principles

anchor text link anchor text is divided into external and internal anchor text. The main function of the internal and external link anchor text link anchor text, external chain

anchor text is mainly the reverse link website, the reverse link is an important factor to affect the ranking, reverse link not only refers to the website

second, the same page under the same links do not appear different keywords.

> Fourth

first, the same page under the same keywords do not appear different links.

anchor text link in website optimization at the same time also has the following functions.

3, through the transmission of the anchor text links, this page in the anchor text information can be transferred to another highly relevant illustrative website

should also have the anchor text links to the home page, so that the weight of the whole site on the home page, the home page weight increased, the internal anchor text

anchor text links in Shanghai dragon in. In the setting of the anchor text links need pay attention to what the problem.

settings should do, should pay attention to what the problem, in order to better. The following share ten

The importance of

external links, including website internal links, will affect the ranking. When a page of the

4, the anchor text for the link between that link anchor text in the page is not free to add links, is to have extreme correlation.

1, the anchor text link effective guidance notes, that page in the anchor text and the page itself has certain attachment.

set the internal anchor text link

Chen Jian in Shanghai Longfeng practice setting principles of anchor text links in operation, for everyone to share, hope to be able to help.

basic principle, four basic principles and external link anchor text set.

in life and work, pay attention to everything. The reason is very simple, the method is not vain. So, the following

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