The site right down to what aspects of the inspection work on the web

second, to recall a recent period of time stability of the site space. If the site space is not stable, such as the website cannot open more times, often cannot access etc.. Can also check the site log, see the various search engines crawl and spider robot situation, if there is abnormal, so that your site is in addition to the problem of space, need to contact as soon as possible service providers to solve, if cannot be solved in a short time, so for the site to replace a more stable situation in space will the line.

short, on the site right down after a thorough inspection of the site is to do. Can be caused by many reasons down the right, if the recent.

first of all, we should recall recently in a week and a half in our website what to do to change, this is an important step to find out the causes of the site being punished. Because the site is likely to suddenly be punished, and in recent days to come to our website construction and website optimization work appeared in the "error" caused by. Site title change, Keywords tag keyword sequence of these errors may include title label change, website, website content relevance, keyword stuffing etc.. Such as the recent website main keywords is not happening, add or delete modify operation, the title of the site is not changed, the website is not made substantial revision. Another point is the content on the website with the theme of the site, check whether the recent Web content website updated from the principle of correlation with the theme of the site. For example, website optimization Website appeared to sell mobile phone, etc. the contents of the comment on current affairs, is clearly not relevant, must be removed as soon as possible.

website construction and website optimization work, is a long term, technical, is the test of patient work, sometimes things will be punished by the website. Now, the site being punished is no longer a very ugly thing, but a common problem, I know there are many sites to be punished, be right down. Once the website is punished, keywords ranking will be affected, even ranking disappear. In order to restore the rankings, I think to find the cause of the site being punished is the key. Only to find the reason of the site being punished, to local conditions, to take measures to restore the weight, as soon as possible to restore the site keywords ranking.

finally, we also check your changes and Links chain. If Links is not normal, such as some friendship site has been down the right, then we must be removed as soon as possible to the other site, or you give each other’s vote may be considered with each other is right down the website is a kind of risk, is also likely to be punished. In addition foreign chain check is necessary, if there is a large reduction in the chain, or the chain appeared in the "low" link, so we can consider using the webmaster tools "chain to the tools of these useless chain banned.

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