The enterprise website does not have four main reasons for ranking


enterprise website promotion is not enterprise website does not have fourth reasons for ranking, the site is now too much innumerable, such a large amount of information in front of the computer can not remember, the human brain is no better, on the other hand, the search engine ranking is limited, so the enterprise website must be carried out to promote. More effectively increase the degree of the site came to light. A lot of promotion methods, enterprises can choose one or two kinds of main methods to promote, for a long time, the effect is obvious.

second reasons, the unreasonable corporate website

The structure of Fourth reasons

why some enterprise web site in the search engine ranking not? What caused the reason why no ranking of these corporate websites? Kunming website construction company Kunming Langyan are considered as the main four reasons.

third reasons, enterprise website does not update the content

enterprise website promotion, no

enterprise website is not a long time, is the first enterprise website no ranking, because time is short, the search engine does not fully trust the enterprise website, so that enterprises can not fully included the content of the website, on the other hand, the new sites for search engines, no matter how to update the content, do not give a good website the ranking, because each search engine has a default web site before the trial period, did not pass the probationary period, do not give good website ranking, such as the love of Shanghai at least three months, while Google may be six months time.

the first reason, the enterprise website construction time is not long enough for


did not update the content is the enterprise website does not have third reasons for ranking, we all know that the site is mainly for users to browse, the user experience is the first, what is the user experience of the website, simply speaking, is the information on the website have value for users, valuable information is an important pillar of the site. On the other hand, the main function of the search engine is to provide users with valuable web site. So, the content of the website is not updated, the user information is too old, no value, the search engine will not give such good rankings. The content of the website must be updated, the best is original, can improve the site’s ranking, remember.

enterprise website structure unreasonable enterprise website ranking no second reasons, the unreasonable structure is not conducive to the website for users to search and browse, the user experience is not sufficient, the loss of users, there is no traffic on the other hand, the structure is not reasonable on the same website search engine, is not conducive to the spider the index, for example, suppose now that search engines for each site included time of 10 minutes a day, because the site structure is not good, at the same time, the website page is less, while other sites can be included more pages, which resulted in a long time, not a good website ranking drop structure the longer the time, the website ranking, the more unfavorable.

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