The essence of love Shanghai wise remark of an experienced person know promotion skills

six, have a good time.

this is to love Shanghai collection to use, first you have to love Shanghai collection collection target site, and then record the address, pay attention to each web site address only a collection. Statistics after, in response to love Shanghai knew about the problem when the reference is filled with your love Shanghai collection account on the line, so indirectly submitted your web site.



9 pm is the most popular day, when posting the best. But the time is not suitable for posting around 6 in the morning, a "night owl" was sleeping, "normal" is not.

five, with links to reference.

three, ask questions using the imperative sentence, adding some sense of * * the best color.

answer the time you can use the proxy server. Answer to guarantee a certain time interval, the best a few hours or a few days after the answer, then there are several bottom, then you will own answer as best. Registered with the mailbox account if it is the same, each answer will be found here that love Shanghai background, small just registered a mailbox, you again soon.

as far as I know, love Shanghai know a account to leave the link. If this is a new account just registered the link, is certainly very difficult to pass, so it is time to a new account, it is best not to add links in question; have level after answering the questions and links, through probability will increase greatly. General reach above 5 level even if the high level, the rate is much higher.

four, ask questions with bonus points, bonus points set to a maximum of 200 points.

love Shanghai link is helpful to our website, often used is the love of Shanghai know that Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar love love space, these are always linked, often through love to know Shanghai recently to publicize the company website, but also to submit links to fall in love with the sea, in order to obtain the high quality of the chain. The effect is also very good below I summarize my summary of the love of Shanghai know:


two, to answer love Shanghai know, love Shanghai know grade

, a personal webmaster love to answer, but do not pay attention to using the same IP to answer, otherwise it is easy to be sealed.

know the average answer most of the questions, the use of the imperative platform in addition, do not use the phrase as the title questions, such as "prawns don’t save me", "what should I do?", "beg XXX" title.

so you have problems just released to become a hot topic, the best questions set into a known to all problems.

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