Study on the website of Shanghai Longfeng saturation

The number of The first one is the


when the weight value of the web site in a certain range, to the inside pages of the weight value is limited, not to say that the page number, website to more weight page, the ultimate user experience last month to write "love Shanghai" weight rapidly analyzed as Shanghai dragon Er should how to apply marketing thinking Shanghai love lifting weight. When our website in the new page will have a score, and the old page will slowly sink, or because of the timeliness of the old page will be deleted, if you want to break through the included value, weight to break, because the inside pages of most score is derived from the home page, the website weight is not raised, then your website may not ascend.

second saturation saturation – link

refers to the chain link saturation reaches a certain amount, will be saturated, such as the stock market, there is a limit and limit, the share price has a limit in one day, there was a 10% increase, which is to make the stock price stable growth. So in the search engine, for the development of the website have no control? Yes, it encountered a problem, a new website, the short term there are a large number of links to this site, this is the use of black hat, immediately let the weight up, but the risk is very large, it should be how to control the link.? if the site is in a period of time, the growth is normal, will develop a standard type, there is a maximum and minimum standard line standard line, if it exceeds the maximum standard line, belonging to the abnormal phenomenon, the search engine will check the website, is likely to be K.

today is Xiao Long to share some of the very core of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon on saturation, then when the operation is over to do a certain amount of careful observation can be found included in the site is still the same, no matter how updates are like this, such as A5, in the amount collected is floating in within an interval, the web site of the article was collected, normally, the total amount collected should rise, why some web pages included, but the number remains unchanged, the following three aspects of the website of Shanghai Longfeng saturation.

two to control, the first is Links, second is a general link, do Shanghai Longfeng longer people have heard the rain in Shanghai Longfeng, this website made more than 300 friends of the chain, the rolling show Links arranged on the bottom of the website, although the black cap can make a web site for short-term rankings, because can let the weight of all of a sudden soaring up, love Shanghai easy to recognize. Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng Ceng Xiaolong proposed enterprise website chain control in 30-40, the door.

so how to break this record, there are two aspects, first, to enhance the site overall weight; second, through the chain to the inside pages of voting. The inside pages not through home vote, but by other website scores.

website contains the saturation

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