The construction site six step new increase weight is not a dream (on)

we can see from the surveillance and DNS website before the line must do a host, the author also established several websites, I think a website officially launched before the host and domain name for at least three days of monitoring is the best way.

3, web hosting and domain name resolution is very good, love Shanghai think this website is fast, prepared, so in a short period of time will give good rankings.

2, web host or domain name resolution problem does not occur, but the loading speed is not fast, the value of Ping is not very good, the love of Shanghai believes that the future of the future development of this site is also very general, only to give a little attention.

site on-line preparation before the site content and basis set

for the content of the website, content is the potential power of website development, a website to attract users or retain users must rely on the content of the foundation, is also directly related to the development and content of good website, but after our website may be more chores, do not have much time to pay attention to the content of the website, so the site in line before the content of the site must do preparatory work, suggestions for a predetermined column are more than 10 pieces of content, in order to meet the needs of the development of the website or update.

1, website host or domain name analytic problems, love Shanghai on the site is not recognized, resulting a start can not acquire good search engine trust on site.

perhaps many webmasters are not aware of this problem, the domain name registration before it should set in preparation for the website content base, for most of the webmaster friends, basic settings can be said to be the site to attract traffic, get the key rankings, it did a good development and is closely related to the site therefore, we in line on the website before the foundation must be set up to ensure accurate and efficient.

with the love of Shanghai falls, more and more new sites to build low, in the face of this situation, it is more important to do better website construction work, a lot of new sites in the face of love Shanghai period not only did not strive to enhance the quality of the site, the opposite is also trying to reduce their work, reduce their own things, which resulted in a large number of new sites is beginning to die site from birth, if you are a webmaster, in the face of this situation, how to improve their website weight? > , a web site before the online monitoring and Analysis on the host domain name

In the

website officially launched before must remember monitoring to hire their own host and domain name, some of the many webmaster after their new site on the line are very pleased to see, so regardless of host performance and their DNS is hurried to the station to Shanghai net love included, the consequences of such three ways:


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