Some techniques for enterprise website optimization in Shanghai Dragon

I have

some friends mostly can copy others modify the article after the release to their site, this method is feasible, the key is how you modify the ability, good ability to try to put the bottom changes, do not modify or disrupt the order of a, this is very stupid. I opened the Shanghai dragon flying cloud friends when doing business in the e-book will choose and use the software to guide out of this is the most original content, is a good trick.

3, the robots file specification writing

you watch the website links to the articles are: the domain name + Directory >

Meta Robots as

is certainly a difference, the first row after / is to stop the spider crawling Kaifeng Shanghai Longfeng folder under the sub directory and content, and the second is to stop without / all the contents of the spider crawling Kaifeng Shanghai Longfeng directory and directory, stop included range than the first line of the. This is the need to pay attention to the details of the optimization of enterprise site.

Disallow:/kaifeng Shanghai dragon


Disallow:/kaifeng Shanghai dragon /

view competition website many Shanghai dragon Er will put the website link on the website keywords piled up on top or rear, I think it is not necessary, as keywords intensive distribution is not too big, the accumulation of keywords in a few years ago by the nobility baby blocked. Keywords dispersed actually will greatly improve the search engine’s favor, will not let the search engine think cheating.

1, enterprise search engine keyword distribution

this code, the spider will not track on the web page code, rel= "nofollow" is for the individual links.

I found in the What is the difference between the two

robots asked a colleague

5, website article link details

is pleased to excellence in Shanghai Longfeng blue sky A5 friends bring an article. This article is mainly to optimize the details of Shanghai Dragon said enterprise website, the long winded said no more words we get.

2, enterprise website article how to write

in HTML page

Robots file is the first search engine spiders crawling spider file, according to your site Robots requirements included or not included some pages, but also not included mainly to see the search engine itself.

4, Meta Robots And Robots Nofollow


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