How to build a website for Shanghai Dragon

2: to do stand in the form generally is less Flash, more use of text and text link. Now, the search engine is unable to identify the content of the Flash. So the key area on the website: "the connection part of the navigation area, key text area, we should adopt the content area writing performance. Try to avoid using Flash.

the first point: pre construction site planning. Before the station, this is what we must consider. This station to do what content, which is conducive to Shanghai dragon "form to do, after the promotion of how to.

for Shanghai dragon Er, establish the optimization work of the future to a Shanghai dragon website is very important. So how to build a website for Shanghai dragon? Mainly from the following 3 points to consider.

1: static web. Small site best can generate HTML sites, large sites can use the ISAPI pseudo static page static. Because the static page is conducive to search engine included.

second: establish Shanghai dragon website background. A convenient background, not only conducive to the optimization, also can facilitate the work of Shanghai dragon er. In building site should pay attention to the following two points:

third points: to establish reasonable links, including internal and external link. As the Shanghai dragon er know all internal and external link to the site’s ranking is very important. In addition to our uniform web site Links abroad. The construction should focus on the external links.

2: the establishment of background content publishing form, not only to ensure that the content of each page of the title, in order to achieve better effect also need to Shanghai dragon, for each page of the Keywords, description and URL were optimized.

for a new station, the first thing to do is to link the first two, is a long process, to ensure the quality and quantity of every link, so as to make the website ranking rise.


1: speaking of content, content is king, we all know. Good content is the root of a web site. So we have to consider the user experience, taking into account the content of the site is whether to have certain knowledge, get the user’s favorite. If you do some popular keywords, only with the timeliness, the heat in the past, the user will not in to your stand up. For search engines, but also attaches great importance to the knowledge of this site, for this site will give high weight. So in front, must consider what you do

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