How to do the construction of the chain enterprise website construction website links experience sha

for traditional businesses, there is a business network, a business network including the purchase channels, sales channels, to cooperate and raw material suppliers and distributors, coordination between different enterprises also need and then, in the long-term course of business, form their own unique "business circle" then, as the most valuable resource of the line, and "business circle" website to establish links between friends, you have me in the website, and I have.


in Shanghai Longfeng optimization theory, foreign chain construction is respected, because good outside chain can effectively improve the site in the search engine rankings, however, if to do in order to optimize the construction of the chain, often introduce enterprise website promotion way, because the Internet can keep the way of the chain is too much a little, have experience of Internet practitioners, generally have a large number of the chain resources, the chain of enterprise website, may improve website weight, but

yellow pages website

really useful?

now, many enterprises have begun to focus on the construction of the construction site outside the chain, some early began to do the optimization of the chain enterprise website has been late for the sweetness, from a large amount of information and orders received on the Internet, has a good role in promoting the development of enterprises, good effect of the construction of the chain to a site with big? Here and share the construction of enterprise website chain benefits and methods.

yellow pages website belongs to the classified information website, general pages web site can leave the website address, and Yellow Pages site have a large number of registered users, so the weight is usually high. For enterprises, can choose a few high quality yellow pages website to choose payment methods, it is easier to show their enterprise information + website links.

for the enterprise website, the website of high quality import chain, mainly in the following ways:

enterprise chain, there should be a purpose, this is the chain can bring the target users, this is what we say is useful, at the same time, website operators generally not too many businesses, one is in the consideration of the cost, another reason is that most of the enterprise website maintenance personnel also are part-time. It is a full-time, no more than 2 people. A person’s energy is limited, so, simply put the force on the blade, don’t blindly add the chain in the chain, pay more attention to the quality of the chain.

high quality chain, the chain is not obtained in the high weight website is the high quality the chain, for example, enterprises make clothing, and the chain in a high weight of car sites, so the chain for the clothing enterprise website, basically will not bring target customers. If the chain in a high weight of the garment industry information website, then the quality of the chain will be very high. Who can bring traffic and the chain has a chance to translate into the target user, we can determine the high quality of the chain.

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