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was built into the index library, but get traffic and different opportunities, it is difficult to obtain the flow index is invalid. Only after the index, users can search by keyword, find the page in the results.

The value of the What is the relationship between

included 3. indexAfter the

1. index were included and what


page is included: love Shanghai spiders found, analyzed, that the page value included

(2) weight transfer occurs only in the page

on weekdays, always meet the customer asked: what is included and the index, what, what’s the difference?

included 2. index?The


to tell you the truth, as a non trained people, the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon, the concept and the boundary of the collection and indexing is very vague. Read the text, from time to time to see the "collection and indexing is one thing", the more confusing is not clear. But as in Shanghai Longfeng field of the growth of the working age, the interaction between the work site and more frequent and in-depth, the concept and distinction of collection and indexing have some personal views. In fact, it is not equal to the index, both before a step away from the distance. The following is some views on the small series of the collection and indexing of thin knowledge.

The means?The The

4. index

not included pages, not weight generation. According to the need to delete the page, if love has been included in Shanghai page, page 301 of the old and new jump processing. 301, to have included page complete weight weight transfer and flow switch.

in short, love built database is like a library, this library does not include all the book (page), according to the book itself quality and value, to decide whether or not included; not all included page, the library will lend (index). So, the site to get good rankings, the first step is to improve the collection and indexing: only in this book in the library is enough, the possibility will increase, can be recommended to love Shanghai (home page).

index is included and the relationship between containing and being contained, the page must be included can be indexed, in other words, that the book must be put into the library, it can be borrowed for readers. So, in general, the website of the amount collected is greater than the index amount.

(1) included is the premise of the

index: love Shanghai spiders to crawl the page after the preliminary analysis, the content of the page that is meaningful to the user, do database

website online, the site needs a stable server, right robots, love Shanghai spiders can crawl on the web page.

(1) only "into the index library, to get traffic


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