n fact, the foam on the surface of Shanghai Longfeng great potential

three, keep a positive attitude

love to taste

in fact, everything is in the process of changing, and the search engine algorithm is also in order to better meet the needs of users, constantly adjust their. In Shanghai dragon we love Shanghai but also change with the change, Sony Ericsson Shanghai began to touch the new algorithm. But as long as the so-called: a superficial reform. Seize the core points of love in Shanghai. Here, the beauty of Shanghai Longfeng summarized the following four points:

, a Shanghai

user experienceEach adjustment


two, according to the purpose of the

love in Shanghai have stressed the need to focus on the user experience. So what is the user experience? Remember the beauty Shanghai Longfeng week Jane has written a series of "Shanghai dragon two: what is the user experience? How to make the user experience?" article, interested friends can go to see the search. Since the love of Shanghai ordered, then we have to aim the user experience to operate, although sometimes we feel the love of Shanghai is very hateful, but no way, we have to rely on it.

K I love the sea thousands of times, I "Baidu" as first love. I’m just a >

since the 6.28 love area of Shanghai K station, "Baidu" completely broke our Shanghai dragon Er young heart, which also led to a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers had to wrap the idea. Even a friend said, if you continue to do so, sooner or later will be tortured to death love Shanghai. Before they had seen Zhu Weikun teacher wrote "Shanghai dragon Er want to live long, far away from the love of Shanghai" of the article, this article does a Shanghai dragon who engaged in the sad history. But today, the beauty of Shanghai Longfeng Zhou Zhen want to share a piece of good news, and after you finish watching, you will want to stay away from Shanghai Phoenix? Well, following directly on the map, the map with the truth:

search engine optimization specialist out in the economic downturn the first ten of the most reliable occupation. We are shocked? Dear friends, see this, your heart is somewhat comforting? Is not to complain about the Shanghai dragon eased up? Will you want to stay away from Shanghai,


in Shanghai dragon industry will all have to rely on the love of Shanghai, since it relies on love Shanghai, then we have to find the love of Shanghai hobby, and to obey it. Although Jane is also very hate week love Shanghai, but no way. Do not know if you remember Zhu Weikun’s blog is about K, because he wrote an article called love in Shanghai, the second day Shanghai took his station to K. Love Shanghai artificial intervention once again appeared, K will only be white K, how can I do? Then the beauty of Shanghai Longfeng week replies Jane also said with a smile, every day we sing the praises of love Shanghai! After all, who do not want to be scolded. Dear friends, remember to love Shanghai. Oh.

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