Love Shanghai anti cheating big update low quality site punishment

interpretation: a punishment of low quality site

love Shanghai LEE provides a data in the announcement: This upgrade will affect the search traffic 5%. The punishment is big, but from another point of view, Shanghai is love doubt mentality for the 5% sites, that is to say there is a part of the webmaster still use black hat Shanghai Longfeng hope get traffic from search engines, rather than for users to create more value, rather than real from the content of the value of search engines provide better information, provide users with better information.

interpretation of the two: love Shanghai Shanghai dragon black hat

love Shanghai mentioned in the "proposal" in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon and the search engine is a symbiotic relationship, we need to maintain such a relationship, we need better use the white hat Shanghai dragon, from the user’s point of view, to provide high quality search results, and the fight against the use of the search engine algorithm vulnerability of the black hat Shanghai dragon, to ensure the healthy development of the Internet ecosystem. The white hat Shanghai dragon encouraged all starting from the user, recommend the original quality.

search engine from the point of view, as we all know, are very understanding of the adjustment algorithm is to search engine to search better users better user experience, but also want to be like love Shanghai LEE said: Query query to the user finally showed higher quality, more authoritative results. As the absolute white Shanghai dragon supporters, we are very supportive of lack of improved algorithm of search engine better. Love of the Shanghai anti cheating strategy update if you can come down very well executed, I believe this is definitely the white hat Shanghai Longfeng gospel.

today No. 7.2 love Shanghai webmaster club administrator LEE in Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued a notice, the contents of the announcement is a response to this update: This update is updated some anti cheating strategies and characteristics, these strategies gradually effect on the night of June 21st. Punish cheating direction according to the low quality of the site, which is mainly lies in the content of cheating, such as no original content, or pseudo original too much content, little original content, or a large collection of content or machine generated / modify the contents of the site belong to low quality sites, are at risk of facing punishment.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. I believe we still immersed in the love of Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 update, because some people are happy, some sad, some people are lucky, dumbfounding, this more than a week we talked about the most is this update, because this update involves a wide area of hitherto unknown, I give you mentioned Chinaz Shanghai dragon vane display station K ratio is around 2.29% in the previous article, of course, has been restored to about 0.33%. Today the Shanghai dragon of the fire should be love Shanghai club owners out of the announcement, because this is one of the most updated official response to love Shanghai.

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