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4, Box Computing (with the symbol



we can find the link behind will have "promotion" two words, and the right column are promotion link. Link refers to pay promotion, so the result will be in a position to show in front of the natural ranking, but no matter how many links, will show ten natural ranking behind it. Here we need to pay attention to is: the left column links only home will have, and the right column of each page will have a promotion.

we mean that: after Shanghai Longfeng optimization by some technical means, starting from the needs of users, to meet the needs of users and improve the user experience, a method of introducing marketing flow, so as to obtain the natural ranking in Shanghai search engine; the webmaster optimized making up the page called natural results, which will display the page title, page description, and URL (web address).

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concluded: we want to show the results of the search engines have a general understanding, focus on understanding the natural ranking.




5, natural ranking

a search for the default web search results will include: the promotion of links, brand promotion, Box Computing, natural ranking results and so on, here we come to the specific introduction of different types of results.


web applicationFor example:

contains key word search results, search engines will be rosy display box to enter the user, called the query in the search, the search engine will carry on the word processing, and then matches the query in the index database, in the search results of the maximum matching query terms if not entirely rosy display. The matching of query words, it was rosy to query the results of segmentation.


For example:



application appears in the search results in.

The natural ranking

For example: brand promotionWe look at some examples:

like these have the brand icon (trademark map) in the search results show that brand promotion.




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