The importance of the title, Shanghai Longfeng website optimization description, content, chain

a week ago (only for the purpose of doing the experiment). Changes to the content website "title" "Keywords" "description" "in the chain anchor text details" etc.. This station in the number of related domain love Shanghai domain out for about 200, site value is less than 10, and the total dynamic page, HTML page code is very complex, it can be said that from the structure of the search engine is not friendly. With no high quality backlinks, basic snapshot not update, no keywords ranking, flow is almost 0.


6, all of the pages of the "title" "description" "Keywords" >


1, check the industry site data: including domain name age, the search engine included, the PR value, love Shanghai related domain and the weights, site keywords deployment, long tail keywords distribution.

chain5, the chain

started the first thing:

here’s what the last time I of the "title" and "description" optimization of some experience.

Shanghai dragon

3, to re write the chain in the anchor text site content page

4, the H label re deploy.

2, description

5, total nofollow tags reasonable use.

(100% original content, the correlation is very high quality + articles. Before the title is not written, are based on A03XXX or other meaningless letters and numbers or types of Chinese characters.

Shanghai dragon website optimization, want to have an article ranking (exclude outside the brush flow, piling up, black hat technique), the most basic factors:

2, according to its website domain name age advantage, breakthrough, deployment of weak opponent long words, to avoid the more competitive keywords (for + related results many words).

Er all know, now most of the search engines have not placed in keywords in ranking conditions, just as a page element, its value is for reference only. The search engine. So here is not to be listed in the basic factors. In fact, I personally think that keywords is not essential, but now the "love Shanghai statistics" background of Shanghai Longfeng optimization check function, if the page does not contain keywords, but also points to the…… We still recommend plus (my pursuit of perfection). As for the chain, today is not about, this is not the theme of today to share.

) 3, the quality of A nearly 2 year old domain name site was changed to


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