The website is love Shanghai drop right to restore weight

this step is the most critical step, only to understand the etiology, disease in addition to. Your analysis is how to optimize the previous period, whether the chain of traveler, reprinted content, whether to change the title page, the website structure is revised, keyword density change, the station anchor link done properly, whether the recent love Shanghai big update etc.. Find the reason to stop down the right, down the right behavior in a timely manner, is the fastest way to drop right after recovery. The emphasis here, according to the long-term observation of the author, love Shanghai drop right also have refused and recidivism. If this is the first time you drop right, recovery time is relatively short, generally a week can recover, if it is a recidivist, recovery time to a little longer, it may be up to two months.

site is down right after the fast recovery, how to judge the site is down right here, simply mention, not the focus of this article. The site is down right, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources, put a lot of effort, but can’t see what effect, the weight has not increased. This situation is estimated that each person do not feel good. The site is down right to improper operation, not a long time to recover, a great test for us, today will focus on the website is down right after, how to quickly restore the weight, to minimize the loss.

2, regular update high quality content

3, stop Links exchange

comprehensive examination of existing Links, and stop the new exchange Links, existing Links, if included significantly reduced, the chain decreased obviously, site is not the first, Links type >

if you don’t know the specific reason for the right to be reduced, is the first don’t know exactly why be right down, then you have to do is to regularly update the high quality content, said here high quality content refers to high quality original content, do not reprint at this critical moment, everyone love is love know Shanghai original content. According to your actual situation, regularly update, must pay attention to regular updates. Your time is more than a day update several pieces, your time is tight little update several pieces, the best update every morning, morning is the best time to love Shanghai included, is also the most active spider foraging time.

update the contents of a related to the theme of the site, and keep a close correlation, the best content do not add anchor link, because you do not know the specific reason for the right to be reduced, if the anchor is improperly linked to be right down, if the anchor link is add fuel to the flames, so the site is down right after using optimization techniques better not too much, the pursuit of the best natural. Chastity, the pursuit of natural, meet the needs of customers in the best articles. Each stage to keep going, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, otherwise the consequences will be grievous, love for the Shanghai spiders impression is not good, after the love Shanghai spiders don’t come, big trouble. This stage is to win the favor of the spider love Shanghai stage.

This paper focuses on the

1, analysis of the site to drop right

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