Web site operators pioneer website optimization how to master several degrees

there is no doubt that twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the rise of e-commerce is a trend which cannot be halted. Many companies have also begun to focus on the internet. Then a lot of enterprise products are not suitable for this type of platform is similar to Taobao or the Jingdong, so many enterprises have set up their own website, the word "website" also began to appear in the Internet arena.

"website" is not entirely accurate. "The website is not simply about your website sell so simple. On the Internet, in fact, to do "website operation" must grasp several degrees. But these are closely related to site optimization and degree.

how to establish a good image to the customer? Within a company’s website is very important, but a reference factor of the keywords in the search engine ranking is also very important. Give a very simple example.

image of

when the role of the chain is reflected. The chain when we do the optimization for your site often send some industry portal. The more the more display portal, on the Internet, customers can in search of more information about your business, for the image of a very good help. The difference between "popularity" and "show" is the largest, "show" display is your own website, "show wide degree" is all the information about your business, including on its website and in other sites on the platform.

display of

"display" is that your website will show in front of customers. How can make your site more display in front of consumers? Is the basic advertising and optimization. Advertising is a very expensive measures. For example, a small ad you Taobao home, his price is XX million / day to calculate. Although compared with those optimization effect of advertising almost a little, but its low price but by the majority of the company’s favor. For example, an index of thousands of words, if you can make the site optimization to the first three, then congratulations, you "show" website every day can at least 800, while the real Click to your site will not be less than 500 IP.


when your site is displayed in front of consumers, how can consumers love your website is the website optimization must consider the problem. Many readers have questions: This is not a web art thing? In fact, we often say that when doing the optimization must let customers have a good customer experience, but a lot of Shanghai dragon Er neglects this point. Good customer experience is not just talking about it, how to let customers get a good customer experience, improve customer for your site stickiness, each site optimization personnel must consider the problem.


In fact, many enterprises to understand

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