The ten principles of the construction of the chain

2, the source of the chain website. The web page update faster in search of snapshot, snapshot date is very new, explain this page spider often patronage, then means that you add to the link could soon be detected, and effect. If the snapshot is a few months ago, so after a few months may also link will be detected.

6, generally speaking, the number of the chain is larger, more votes to the site’s ranking, the more helpful, except junk links.


10, from the authority of the chain. Do a lot of optimization friends believe that the chain effect of edu to gov the average person suffix to the domain name registration does not good. In fact, in accordance with the law of search engine, the domain name and not born than the other domain name right important high. Just because most of these names are the use of government.

believe in contact with Shanghai dragon friends heard of "content is king, the chain for the emperor", the two most important factors, Shanghai Dragon Well, what kind of the chain is good outside chain, on the choice and what principles of

4, the source page and chain and website content relevance, the source of the chain page with their web content more relevant, on the site of the ranking is good.

8, the source of the chain page also points to what site, these other sites is the content of your site with pepper, how quality is also a factor.

The number of outbound links

7, the chain placement, generally speaking, appear in the text of the chain is the most natural and the best.

9, avoid being considered spam links, if the site links are mostly from BBS signature, blog comments, and the lack of link text or posts in more meaningful, also is bad, easy to be considered spam links, the worst case may be punished.

5, the anchor text of the chain, and web related keywords as the anchor text will anchor text than not related to more favorable rankings, in addition, the chain anchor text near the text, a factor which influences the effect of the chain.

Update and snapshot of

1, the source of the chain page’s weight, a chain of the equivalent to other sites to give their site cast a vote, but the score with a ticket is different, the chain weight of the page from the high score is relatively high, the site’s ranking is good. Specifically, including the source of the chain website PR, included the number, whether it is the open directory included, domain name age and the first time included and the theme of the site are often change and so on, website search engine history is more long, the more stable the more trust.

, 3 of the chain source page. On the page are more links, the weight of each link can share less. Sometimes doing when the chain would find some of the site’s weight though very high, but as many as hundreds of outbound links, the chain from such pages and the effect is not good to go.

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