Discussion three Shanghai Dragon Master generally have the ability

real Shanghai dragon must not only understand the master technology, more to have a clear mind, good at analysis, and put into action. The electronic commerce learning network (贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝),

, a chain to explore ways of


every page cannot be optimized to perfect, but we can according to the page optimization suggestions love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside as much as possible to optimize the web page according to the requirements of Shanghai love. Merge CSS, accordingly a series of optimization pictures.

keywordsIn the article ?

two, observation and analysis of

more attention to Shanghai, love the original web site content and practicality is very important, as long as the site of the user experience is good, great help, even if no chain can also get good rankings. But the chain still has its value will not therefore be demoted then have what ability not worth a hair, can be called Shanghai dragon master

novice webmaster line on the site is always blind add the chain, update the content, not to consider a new station outside the chain can withstand the sudden growth and a large number of updates. As a Shanghai Dragon Master we need to do first and then pay the

welcome to exchange! observation and analysisThe


many webmaster always complain about the construction of the chain is not easy to find a suitable website chain. In fact, these are not a problem, whether you do what the industry, will have before you do the site, to rival site observation and analysis should use their resources, learn their methods. Why can’t someone else can do it yourself

website optimization is nothing more than the station optimization and stood outside optimization in two aspects, a real Shanghai master must know the essence of the dragon. "The chain content is king for emperor" is the webmaster optimization purposes in the past, but with the love Shanghai algorithm updates the user experience and

internal optimization

in action, first analysis of peer website optimization, the number of sites, where do the chain, only know that it can be invincible. The second is the analysis of the top ranked peer website, find the reason someone good ranking is what is the content of good quality quantity or the chain plays a leading role? Only to conclude, to determine their main direction.

After the

add keywords is beneficial to improve the ranking is well known in the Shanghai dragon industry, but many websites I have seen in this keyword are all of a sudden, even without any relationship in itself, make the article become don’t affect the user experience, so abruptly to join keywords behavior is counterproductive, after all user experience is the core of the website. So in addition to writing better, add keywords description text should be more reasonable.

1, page optimization

2, adding to the reasonable

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