Enterprise site editor of original articles not included

(explanation: to let the spider crawling, the weight high website have not included in the article are love Shanghai included)

first, to some weight high website can text to the title of the article is the anchor text, can be put in the title can also be a direct chain.

2013 has been coming to an end, this year Shanghai love give us too much shock, the chain is king to subvert the many people always think of the theory that love Shanghai again showed the most obvious algorithm inside the article, and given the internal arrangement of keywords ranking weight is more and more high, in recent in the algorithm, the search products give the left product icon is very intuitive to attract customers, so the soft has illustrated is the development trend of this year can be summarized to love Shanghai more powerful user experience. In the face of this optimization, we need more requirements on the soft writing, here is not to discuss how to write soft Wen; Jin months found that Shanghai is not updated in love has not updated snapshot and original soft, we have what strategy. For the love of Shanghai snapshot, snapshot update of the website is on our website influence but fortunately, the original soft not included directly or by some peers will be hanging on their links of interest, you have to do is soft white. Although the original love Shanghai Mars but also did not see much impact. Some weight high stand in the search to some new station. How to do

can clearly see, attract spider crawling is also a way, at least it can avoid being the fruit. 2013 is the end, everyone on the site or to continue to do it, now is the time to become king. Good bad, the content structure arrangement will affect the master ranking, long tail keywords ranking. For the duration of disturbance, to everything will be safe. Pro

? Through the above

before I wrote the article "original competitors copy to do a" included some can resist effectively, but also has some disadvantages, because it was written in February, now is December. But this logic error has not occurred, continue to some weight high website to let the spider crawling more of our station.

second, upload in some can share the platform, or the B2B website as long as can keep the original article link.

wrote an article for several days, love Shanghai has not included, but still over the spider diary. Show in the main station through the operation interval for several hours. Share screenshots.

, try it!The

said that the experiment is feasible. The weight high website to anchor text or links to attract spiders to crawl a relatively low weight site.

all rookie, I am also a rookie. For the speed of a snail or not included some fight situation, you can try my 2 methods.

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