An analysis of the long tail keywords medical industry ranking factors

the concept of long tail keywords has been deep into every head of psychology, long tail keywords is mainly aimed at another aspect of the rule of 28. It is currently used in Shanghai Longfeng on special widely, especially those of large portals, it is by one hundred thousand, millions of long tail keywords bring a lot of traffic. Every webmaster in certain words, began to pursue those relatively little competition, easier to get the long tail keywords good search engine rankings, to get a piece of the market, in fact, this is the only way to small station and portal station competition, can be called from the siege of the city in rural areas, small owners through the optimization of the long tail keywords, and provide content, with the search to attract tourists looking for the specific product information, bring valuable traffic to your site.

third: a snapshot of the time, in general, a snapshot of the time although there is no absolute relationship with the ranking, but because of intense competition in the medical industry, love Shanghai seldom take a snapshot of the old in the front row, basically is relatively new, it means that we must constantly update the publication.

: first, according to the degree of long tail keywords, segmentation algorithm love Shanghai, love Shanghai are the results of a search by keyword and title to rank the matching degree, can be seen from above, a few rows in front of a lot of perfectly matched the long tail words, but there are not complete, there are the rankings, which means that not only related with the matching degree of rank, and the weight of the website related.

fourth: ranking page long tail keyword density is reasonable, this is a very important reason, in general, ranking key page keyword density is reasonable, can the rankings.

fact, long tail keywords is very effective to attract traffic. More importantly, there are thousands of long tail keywords, can let the webmaster for use, this is a very wide space, and because the competition is small, very easy to do, and can lead to more effective traffic, but, in the medical industry, the competition is quite intense, long tail keywords a large number of excavated equal to anything webmasters, and construction, this is because of the phenomenon of competition in this industry. Therefore, in the medical industry, not only to choose a good long tail keywords, but also consider how to make their own long tail keywords can have a good ranking, this is the true meaning of.


so, the same long tail keywords, ranking is obviously different, such as simply "where" Guangzhou stream of people hospital, you will find that also contains the long tail keywords, but the rankings differ, so, what is the cause of the different ranking? Here we analyze.

second: the weight of the website, the higher the weight of the site, the better matching of long tail keywords, ranking the better.

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