Ad terminator love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm

I suggest that we still pay attention to ads under their own website, try to make the quality of the site advertising and advertising page is relatively high, it is likely to have a negative impact on your station. Through treatment, do not do pop-up advertising, this is all very disgusting. Of course, love Shanghai only that low quality, the high quality, the concept of confusion, I feel that there is a scene to be seen, is not a mandatory requirement, it is said that as long as you do a good job.

may love Shanghai very early in fact found great negative effect of this advertising "Popup bring to the viewer, but also did not begin to solve this one, now the introduction of this algorithm is perfectly logical and reasonable existence of pomegranate. The introduction of the pomegranate algorithm is also just experiment, after all advertising is still to exist, the webmaster to rely on the survival in the Internet era, but to tell the truth, really low quality bad pop-up ads really annoying.


personal view:

love Shanghai 5-17 updated the pomegranate algorithm low quality page terminator, for many web surfers, this is undoubtedly a burst of bad news, as a net, I hate the most is a point in a variety of advertising page pops up, or with the advertising page page up and down, to tell the truth. Really annoying. Do not know if you have this idea.

, I hope everyone can be low-key otaku, "

: a proposal


content is mainly embodied in the US or to the user experience as the ultimate, maybe like in this advertising method should pay attention to the webmaster, it is possible to attach great importance to love Shanghai, and then the estimation is punished, people think that punishment will not be lower than the drop right or K stand. So I suggest the webmaster do.

two: personal viewsIn fact,

still hope to love Shanghai for this policy, to increase efforts to let the webmaster truly learn a lesson, do not do low quality bad pop-up ads, so for their own station, are extremely uncomfortable with the user experience. Hope the webmaster really understand the user experience.

This paper from the 贵族宝贝

let’s look at the pomegranate algorithm what the hell is going on?

Recommendation two:

next is the content of the text, this is also the key to the. For this I have not the same algorithm personal attitude.

I suggest the webmaster do not need to panic, what then do it, some think that bad content do some processing, the fuzzy definition is no doubt to the webmaster of a shot in psychological prevention.

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