A5 marketing team told me that the diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon

These are the

4, free is the most expensive, good people do good things, not good at work to good people do, a lot of people down the right site, reluctant to spend money, yourself 2-3 months did not recover, its core is lost.


this is my first time of advertising, then forced high pressure no advertising. Simple talk, and the suddenness of a thunderbolt opened 5 advertising, the advertiser is Speechless, he said if it wasn’t for me, you are the blog advertising? After this, put ads on my blog are also more and more.

is now looking back, have happened in 2010……

6, the brand is more important than the Shanghai dragon, even if the site is down right, by K, the brand will not fall, rely on Shanghai dragon more die sooner.

episode, really help to my blog on Shanghai dragon and A5 marketing team (www.admin5.cn), led by Tang Shijun, then they only do service to the company, from the beginning of the 10 year began offering the service system of foreign Shanghai dragon. In recent years, the marketing department of A5 gave me a lot of advice and help Shanghai Longfeng, departments with a lot of people have had contact with, here are some harvest and my experience:

in a dream to Jiang I finished the first interview after a webmaster to find me, say you know through A5, look at your blog to do good, you want to advertise in here.


5, to help customers solve the problem, 10000 yuan is not too expensive, and 3000 yuan is the price.

3, to do business services do better than individual. Enterprise: more money, less, speak the truth. Personal: less money, do more, be scolded. So A5 is a business oriented marketing.

1, details, details, or details.

(illustrate: as long as there is love, will be able to counter attack, like my blog!)

and A5 have been blogging since friends have contact, before the A5 forum gave me two interviews to do, let more Adsense know Lu Songsong blog, also from A5 and forged a bond. After the interview from the grassroots to well-known, also had the first advertising experience, it should be said is a qualitative leap.

7, with a long-term vision to do Shanghai dragon, yesterday made a point of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, today to see results, always disappointed, this is a lot of novice mistakes.

8, make website ranking stable is the guarantee of website popularity. Why large articles (or old articles) for ranking >

2, Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, is to help customers solve problems, is selling knowledge and ability. If you want to engage in Shanghai dragon service, remember that.

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