Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the process of soft Wen contribute really so difficult


is the ability to optimize the soft writing as everyone knows, workers must have, and for the webmaster webmaster soft submission is the best way to Shanghai Longfeng workers effectively improve work efficiency, today I share is stationmaster net administrator Yang Yang in a 28 interview in pushing some recommendations for submission of stationmaster net soft.


first we look at the first picture, a man named Xu Lan of stationmaster net users to ask questions, how to quickly contribute included, in fact this problem will produce ambiguity, which is a love of Shanghai included? Or station network administrators to audit the soft shoes included, triumphantly answer very comprehensive and carefully, both, see from the figure can be. I discuss with you today is exactly what are the key points of stationmaster net contribute the most basic

all of the above is the author at the 28 push interaction, triumphantly given by the teacher on how A5 effectively submitted to the soft.

first, original. Triumphantly editing is the kind of answer, the answer is no doubt, because with the continuous upgrading of love Shanghai algorithm, the original is the core of any one platform are concerned, Shanghai dragon ehy launched the original area, the laggards launched out of entrepreneurial ideas and positive energy forum that the webmaster portal are closer to this point. As a webmaster net original core philosophy has always been advocated, the author thinks that whether a novice station experience, or to optimize the experience to share, as long as it is their intention to write something by chance is very high.

second pictures, second pictures with friends think A5 submission is very difficult, the teacher also gave triumphantly patiently answer, industry news and knowledge of news plagiarism phenomenon as everyone knows, but this time if you can share your attention to the original, for the industry of knowledge or experience. Something of value, are submitted to the soft pass rate or not any problem in stationmaster net.

We then analyze

second, webmaster. This is no doubt, because stationmaster net is the purpose of webmaster information and service center, is a strong backing for the majority of grassroots webmaster, you send the topic whether Shanghai Longfeng, maintenance, promotion, website is the tenet and stationmaster is consistent with that now that do network promotion you must have their own special skills, these are you can share the material.


third, the Internet is closely related. Because any one platform is with high quality to help users have the latest hot news based, people for the content and the new knowledge is of most concern, such as the recent Shanghai K station for love declaration obtained the majority of owners, of course, a lot of Internet or what is happening you can own the writing material, the author of the guest teacher today triumphantly 28 push is to use this new selling point for soft writing.

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