Shanghai dragon will become a habit of their own

just saw an article, said, Shanghai dragon a habit, will Shanghai Dragon into their lives, see here, can not help but sigh, sigh, this is true only when the Shanghai dragon real in your life, you will see the life of Shanghai dragon, everywhere marketing, so the Shanghai dragon has become a habit of their own, a situation that we must.

Shanghai dragon used to contribute, they have been accustomed to see every day on the A5 platform of Shanghai Longfeng news, every day you love Shanghai is updated, some small complaints stationmaster friends released every day, love love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot update, included increased, and the change of recently very frequent noble baby PR, after all Shanghai dragon has entered my life, can’t change, contribute to write some Shanghai dragon soft, share your every little bit accumulated feeling, may be someone that fried rice, may be considered to share is not high quality, but not after all, don’t go to the homes of their Shanghai dragon feelings, even every day fried rice, but I still have to vote, after all, this is a habit, is a can not give up attitude.

Shanghai dragon used to check the network news, has been used to check out the latest news in the webmaster forum on the forum, you can see a lot of new information, generally as long as the PR update, I believe the A5 forum must be the most rapidly, there is such a message passing, why we see the news, this is a kind of habit, dependent habit through learned some information of the recent Shanghai dragon, to learn the news, look at the network dynamics, recent network situation, and so on the environment, and more is adopted at the forum will find more friends, we will see more and more like-minded people after all, the same environment, there are.


Shanghai dragon used to open in the morning the first thing is to query the computer web site has been updated; I believe many of my friends have such experience, turn on the computer every day the first thing is not logged on to QQ, but the site will be on hand to all queries included, outside the chain, snapshots, PR and so on, will write a subconscious open QQ, to see if there is a message, after all the sites of these Shanghai Longfeng data are their efforts, their every little bit accumulate, the accumulation of more than QQ meaningful, remember their own maintenance when many sites, open the computer first thing is to see whether to update the ranking, the chain is updated, and so on. At that time only slowly open QQ, look at the status of friends, in fact, we see nothing but a kind of psychological consciousness, Shanghai Dragon Has been completely in the first place, the heart will always put in the front, this is actually a kind of habit, I have been unable to give up the environmental consciousness and. Have a website, is responsible to maintain it, we must have determination can do the best, to have this habit.

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