Shanghai dragon to how we should consider the optimization of the site

the author has been engaged in the website optimization work, a few years of accumulated experience in the optimization process so that I deeply understand, to design a optimized site for the optimization can play a decisive role is crucial, because it is the quality or the information release out of the question if we can adjust, but the site itself, like the foundation in order to develop a instability, can only be pushed to again, and as the site optimization itself is a slow, web design can not be recognized by mistake, really can’t afford to do the optimization, how to do the planning, we work in the optimization of the site at the beginning of the


third, sincere service users website building trust. In fact, it is easy to understand, such as their favorite A5 station network, almost every day, because they can gain knowledge here, many times you experience optimization tips can also go through this platform to spread, I trust, for the site recognition to the current development of dependence, an important reason is that the A5 webmaster network service concept, to provide the latest and most valuable information for each grassroots webmaster, and grassroots work, learning, life can go through this website, it is the site of sincere service project is all >

second, the content should be consistent with the user’s reading. Now the creation is not only the original so simple, not only to the original user to pay more for the second point of the article is the author mentioned should focus on the user to write. I found that many of the current Shanghai dragon blog is no longer the talk of Shanghai dragon algorithm, Shanghai Dragon technology, but will optimize its perception, experience, practice of sharing out, these two kinds of writing difference is obviously, for the novice may be a lot of algorithm they will be confused, but the optimization process and experience. Shanghai is the Dragon Er experience, this article can the reader find the resonance point, easy to cause the reader’s attention, the other is content to have value, of course, we write a similar article not bragging, not in their perception of the optimization in talk rapidly, also described, if you can put some easy to cause the optimization of the key link the problem of summing up, this is good, because the article itself is for customer service, to the user We want to be writing criterion.

first, pay attention to art design and layout of the site code. We see a beautiful beauty will make people feel comfortable, like a beautiful, generous, clean the site will make people good to hear or see which comes first, the first focus site must be concise, atmosphere, let the beautiful design to attract customers. We want to love Shanghai as a reference librarian tool in the design process, the design process to achieve simple structure, beautiful interface, simple is mainly manifested in two aspects, using the site code is reasonable, to avoid the use of redundant code, useless and secondly, a reasonable set of information and pictures of the user, the first time to find the for this, this design will not grasp the two big mistakes.

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